N+: Beyond The Postmortem - 'Those decisions that are ruining Live Arcade'

Gamasutra writes: "In this interview, N creators Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard of developer Metanet - and Nick Waanders, president of Slick Entertainment, which handled the conversion to Xbox Live Arcade, chat honestly about the trials and tribulations of birthing the title.

N+, the popular ninja Flash game recently released in enhanced form onto XBLA, has been somewhat of a hit with hardcore gamers - but the trio explain in this piece how the process of getting it onto Microsoft's service was fraught with difficulty.

The sometimes disruptive creators also discuss how showcasing the game in its early stages allowed them to tweak it before release. Gamasutra caught up with them shortly after the postmortem of the game was conducted at GDC's Independent Games Summit."

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