Xbox Hardware Evolution Chart

Microsoft says that the Xbox One is roughly eight times as powerful as the Xbox 360 at the end of the day. In addition, the ramifications of Microsoft's cloud computing initiative could be significant. The company has stated that consoles will be able to offload calculations to cloud processors, which could be significant if developers find it useful to take advantage of.

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BitbyDeath4070d ago

"8GB DDR3 (5 GB available to games)"

Rumours are right again.

SantistaUSA4070d ago

I'm disappointed, they are focusing too much on tv crap, I don't have cable tv, I want a gaming machine damn it lol

SugarSoSweet4070d ago

When did the rumors say that? what source

BitbyDeath4070d ago

Back in January-

"Our source said that 3Gb is reserved for the OS, apps and security, leaving 4-5Gb for games."


cyhm31124070d ago

Say what you like, it is not 8 times more powerful, more like 3 to 4 times. PS4 claims 8 to 10 times, so that means pretty much equal?? far from that. Microsoft resorts to dirty lies again, 8 times,hahaha.

2pacalypsenow4070d ago

IM wondering why they dont say the speed of the CPU cores

DJ4070d ago

The decision to stick with DDR3 is going to hold back XBO's games. Normally I would say that multiplatform titles will perform equally well, but PS4 is so easy to develop for that devs may ultimately make PS4 versions of their titles perform better.

greenpowerz4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Xbox One console is just part of what Xbox One really is and what people are misunderstanding. Xbox one's other half is Azure cloud computing platform. PS4 would max out before devs even start tapping this tech on Xbox One+cloud computing platform. This is what people are misunderstanding about what MSFT is doing or purposely trying to confuse people with.

Azure cloud computing will turn Xbox One into a gaming PC that can evolve with with PC hardware. It will stream computing going on elsewhere.

I think I figured out why people are actually really upset disguising their trolling under the pretense of disappointment and outrage.

Azure cloud computing makes Xbox One hardware specs virtually irrelevant making the console much more powerful at any time. Now all the online conneciont trolling makes sense.


fei-hung4070d ago

When will this happen? MS said in the future when more people around the world have better, faster and more stable internet connections.

Sony on the other hand Has powerful enough hardware as of now and gaikai ready to launch probably at full speed over the Next two years.

My problem is more about the vagueness of the answers. They seem to be making stuff up as they go along. It just shows how off guard they were when Sony made their reveal.

kamisama4070d ago

i just have to say you do know ps4 has a cloud service aswell

DeadlyFire4070d ago

NO,NO, and NO.

Windows Azure my friend is just for storage and storage alone.

Agawi is gaming platform for Cloud that Microsoft signed a deal with.
http://agawi.io/html/about.... < Read.

Sony owns Gaikai. Another cloud gaming platform. So technically they are on even ground.
http://www.gaikai.com/ < Read.

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TwistedMetal4070d ago

xbox hardware evolves like pokemon every time it evolves it gets bigger and ulgier. the thing is bigger then both my ps3's put together lol and im not even including the kinect module. holy crap the thing is the size of all last gen consoles combined lol. not to mention all of those wide open vents. theres gonna be a ton of lent and dust getting in that thing. gonna need a hoover vaccumm combined with a hoveround to clean that thing.

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Microsoft Just Made Xbox Game Pass Needlessly Confusing Killing Its Potential

With the announcement of changes to its subscription tiers, Microsoft has made Xbox Game Pass needlessly confusing, killing its potential.

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Chocoburger3d ago

Four different tiers:

Game Pass for Console is no longer available to new subscribers. Yeah it does feel like a bit much. I have no interest in constantly recurring subscription fees, I'll gladly buy my games, and even better, most of the time I have no problem waiting for a price drop, very rarely do I care about buying day one these days.

shinoff21833d ago

Pretty much the only games I buy day one are jrpgs.

Sonic18813d ago (Edited 3d ago )

PC Game Pass is very interesting. There's a reason that PC game pass is keeping day one releases and at a *affordable price*, Microsoft know PC gamers won't accept this nonsense and think Xbox console gamers will. PC game pass with day one releases is only $11.99 a month and not $20. Let that sink in

badz1493d ago

No one in their right mind would subscribe to PC GP if they strip away day 1 releases

Obscure_Observer3d ago

"PC game pass with day one releases is only $11.99 a month and not $20. Let that sink in"

That´s because PC has free multiplayer and won´t get as many games as the console does. Especially third party ones. You would known that by now if you were a subscriber.

Sonic18813d ago (Edited 3d ago )


You still defending them is hilarious. Goodluck to you and Xbox because you're going to need it. I also believe Microsoft will increase the price again in the future

anast2d ago

PC gamers have no problem spending thousands on charged up roku boxes. Let that sink in.

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ChasterMies3d ago

“I have no interest in constantly recurring subscription fees, I'll gladly buy my games”

Couldn’t agree more, but I do worry about the longevity of Xbox hardware. If I collect discs, what happens if the next gen Xbox has no disc drive? If Microsoft stops making Xbox hardware altogether, can I move my giant library of games to a 3rd party Game Pass box? Renting may be the safer option.

Christopher3d ago

Great, Xbox learned something bad from Sony. Let's make it harder to understand what we get out of a subscription with unnecessary number of tiers.

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badz1493d ago

Good luck xbox. You guys are gonna need it