Xbox One Architecture Panel Livestream

Today a 3p ET/12n PT/190:00 GMT join Major Nelson and the following special guests to discuss the Architecture of Xbox One. Here you’ll hear more about the design decisions behind the ultimate all in one gaming and entertainment box.

Todd Holmdahl, Corp. Vice President, IEB Hardware
Nick Baker, Distinguished Engineer, Console Architecture
Boyd Multerer , Director of Development
Dan Greenawalt , Creative Director Turn 10 Studios

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Mister_G4070d ago

I know it's whats inside the box that matters, but jeeze, it's boring looking.

Campy da Camper4070d ago

For me its what's PLAYING inside the box. I could care less about social media or apps or yelling at it to turn on. I want awesome, suck me in to the world GAMES.

raytraceme4070d ago

Well we don't even know what's "inside the box" they vaguely gave specs which just tells me that the ps4 is more powerful. Comparing the 2 press conferences Cerney owned it while the xbox show looked half... and had a bunch of corp. execs who couldn't care less about gaming.

theBAWSE4070d ago


Well it's confirmed ddr3 ram compared to sonys gddr5

ProjectVulcan4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

8GB DDR3, 12 CU, 768 thread GPU in Xbox one. He said in this broadcast quite clearly, 768 GPU ops per cycle (meaning simultaneous threads I am sure). He also mentioned 6 ops per cycle for the CPU, in context he appears to mean the machine has 6 cores for developers of the 8.

PS4 has 50 percent more raw GPU performance, and A LOT more system wide unified memory bandwidth.

All those specs you saw rumoured about PS4 being quite a lot faster than Xbox one are true.

PS4 is by far the fastest next generation console. Its not even close.

HammadTheBeast4070d ago

Xbox One is running 3 OS's.

Say goodbye to power.

SolidStoner4070d ago

X box one? are we back in time or something? did I miss something?? I get it, microsoft is trying to mess with out heads!!! its some kind of a trick, dont know what exactly... but time will show..

nice design for the box :) it seems they rushed it :)

awi59514069d ago


Well DDr 5 didnt help AMD cards beat nividia's in performance last graphics card gen. Nivida is ddr 5 now but it didnt give amd that much of a advantage.

Psn8004069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Been on the official Xbox website and I have had a huge shock these are the hardcore fans saying they are going to defect to Ps4 can't blame them though be ause there hardcore gamers after all and want a games console not a Kinect app box .
Ms have tried to take on too many competitors with this contraption and it's backfired you can't take on Apple with a console or with even W8 on a PC , a tablet for a tablet and games console to a games console not a gaming console with Apple in mind hence Kinect and can't take on Samsung either with a gaming console hence Skype what a joke .

SonyPS3604069d ago

You mean you couldn't* care less.

Gildarts4069d ago

The PS4 is not that much more powerful. DDR5 is not that big of a deal as it seems. Microsoft made the architecture so that the DDR3 can run almost as fast as a DDR5.

Braid4069d ago

It's funny how they intentionally didn't talk about the type of the RAM and the specs of the graphics processing unit. Their trying to avoid the subject confirms us that the Xbox One has an inferior hardware.

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GrizzliS19874070d ago

the first xbox was more exciting looking then this -one- and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Hideous.

pkb794070d ago

My first thought was are they putting their game on VHS.

duli144070d ago

Well MS has always been about software. They build shitty hardware.I mean How low quality did a launch 360 feel when compared to the phat ps3? Sony always designs some slick hardware. If you look at the xperia z phone and tablet you can tell SONY are on their A game now.

Urusernamesucks4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Wouldn't look so hideous if youd take off your goggles.

OT; the console looks simple and smooth, not bad not pretty. The name is shit however.
They did the right thing with the cotroller"if it aint broken dont fix it" except the d_pad wich was broken and fixed. And cant belive they brought back those f***ng AA batteries back.

negative4070d ago

I love the PS3 fanboys saying the Xbox looks boring. It's a sleek component that will gel into anyone's home theater system.

And you don't get the "Xbox One" name?? PS3 Fanboys.... blind sheep.

dantesparda4070d ago

^^^ says the blind ms fanboy sheep

KarrBOMB4070d ago

^^^For Negatives comment...

I prefer the 360 to the PS3, but I have both. The Xbox one, is just plain ugly as sin. That and the BS always on, not able to just swap and trade games with friends... I'm absolutely done, I will only get the PS4 now. So you can take the Sony fanboys comment and shove it, because the 360 is my preferred gaming console. But I'm smart enough to know when to jump ship.

awi59514069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


Dont give me that crap about xbox hardware is crap sonys crap was way worse. Sony screwed up 2 generations in a row. The PS one was garbage it broke all the time. The disk drive would stop working, The Cd lenses would mess up, people had to turn their consoles upside down to make them play.

Also the Ps one disks were so cheap and flimsy they would break when you tried to pull them out of there cases. The first year ps2 were all crap they all broke and walmart stopped taking them back because they got in so many broken ones. Microsoft has to screw up alot more to catch up to sony. Oh and dont forget the PS2 disk read error scandal which they got sued for and lost.

Atleast Microsoft paid up to fix my xbox sony charged me 100 bucks each time i had to fix my console. And that doesnt even count the ones i had to return to walmart by buying a new console switching out the systems and returning it for my money back since walmart refused to take back anymore broken PS2's

Jeff2574069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I agree. The original and even the 360 look better. XBOX One looks as bad as the PSX did in 2003.

Gildarts4069d ago

Well let's see if the PS4 looks any better.
Not that you would recognize. You'd still say it's sexy even if it looked like crap.

The Xbox one is not a looker but it's definitely not ugly either.

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SonyWarrior4070d ago

hmmm the third xbox called xbox one..... sounds like a good idea to me...

VonBraunschweigg4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Weird name indead, as if the previous 2 machines didn't matter, we're starting all over. Entertainment my man, aand some gaming. All needly wrapped in a monthly fee for your convenience while we're watching, no worries.

Show some guns at E3. First party guns, violence, murder, with buttons.

Syntax-Error4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

The ONE isn't because they are forgetting the first 2. Only a short sighted fool would believe that. The same as calling it the 360, would you say "where is the other 359?" Sop being a douche bag. Furthermore, the first console was called XBOX. It was called XBOX 1 by people defining the order it was made and not by MS themselves. Grow up and stop behaving like a 12 year old. ONE could mean ALL IN ONE for all we know. Wait until the interviews start coming out. This was just a reveal and the Q&A hasn't come out yet.

@ TEA-BAG242

Why don't you sit down in a corner somewhere. This was a console revealing NOT E3. This wasn't about GAMES!!! Why would they give a presentation about games 2 weeks before E3? Are you that dumb?

shysun4070d ago

@Syntax-Error.... So what do i call the Xboxone...1..the first Xbox now? :(

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pimp79974070d ago

That's what people say to someone who's ugly to make them feel better.