Neverwinter Offers Caterday Survivor's Pack To Exploit Survivors

Neverwinter's open beta recently went offline due to an exploit and the end result was a 7 hour server rollback. As a way of thanking their community for its support and as a way of apologizing for the rollback - Perfect World is giving its community an ingame gift pack that is a bit tongue and cheek.

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Echel0n2160d ago

MEOW! Now...fix your horrendous amount of in game currencies, and you'll make me a happy camper.

Props to the CM's for this.

kefkah2160d ago

You mean you don't like carrying around like 20 forms of currency?

Wormwood2160d ago

Damn Classy way of handling it: Admitting the problem, fixing it as quickly as possible, and then giving the players cool stuff in thanks for their support?

You done good CM's, You done good...

kefkah2160d ago

Soooo much better than Guild Wars 2's handling of issues. All they do is ignore, deny and stiffle. Perfect World was so interactive during the downtime - it was unreal.

caution42160d ago

GW2's community stance rivals Jedi mind tricks.

These are not the exploits you're looking for. They don't exist. This is not broken.

zeal0us2160d ago

You must not been with PWE long. In PWI, back in 09 a exploit was found that allow endgamers to get to level 105 within a matter of hours. When the community called a for server rollback and account bans, PWE said no and that it was nothing they could do.

The server went from have 3 level 105 people to hundreds if not thousands of level 105 before the exploit was fixed. Getting to 105 usually took months even with hyperstone(exp multipliers). Now was achievable with a matter of hours. That didn't help TW or PVP much.

One year later they started selling these rep badges on the cash shop. All someone had to do was spend 50 bucks or more and they could get themselves a top teir endgame weapon and armor without a sweat.

Basically PWE just broke their own game. Gold prices became even more inflated. The value of some items drop. PVP and TW became very unbalanced.

zeal0us2160d ago

Actually the way it was handle was quite terrible to be honest. This exploit been known about since close beta. This is something that should've been fixed before the launch of the game.

Wormwood2160d ago

My understanding is that this was the first time id had been used on a large scale. Should it have been fixed at the first siting? Sure, but It is most important to see how the group reacts when it becomes an actual problem.