More Details on Xbox 360 Source Engine

Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi has offered Next-Gen a few more tidbits on the recently announced Xbox 360 version of his company's Source 3D graphics engine. Earlier this week Val...

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TheMART5885d ago

Nice. This is good news:

"Adding a bit more detail to the announcement, Lombardi said that with a PC and Xbox 360 version of Source, titles could be ported back and forth more easily. “We've moved our entire toolset to the 360 so developers have equal functionality and ability to create on both platforms, and in a manner that makes it very easy to create multiplatform titles in a timely fashion,” he said."

"Although both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be receiving their respective versions of Source-based Half-Life 2 (bundled with Episodes 1 and 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2), Lombardi added that “We're not currently working with Sony on PS3 middleware.”"

That means 360 really will receive the best cross format games, and will have them sooner, if not only. With DX9 standard and the API 360 control of effects which can do about the same, if not better (the DX10 is a fixed set of instructions, the 360 API control can be designed whatever MS or gamedeveloper wants it to), Source and Unreal Engine 3 it is just a good fit with 360!

This kind of strategic alliances will proof the 360 to be the best base for games in general, which is a very, very good thing for 360 owners

Capt CHAOS5884d ago

Interestingly, I also suspect that PC games will port to the 360 with greater ease too.. Remember, many gamers are already using dual core machines and their architecture isn't all that different from the 360's (in terms of general purpose CPUs).

Wow, Now I just need to see a list of Source engined PC games and just wait for them to appear on the 360..

THAMMER15884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

I've been seeing allot of the Sorce on the web lately. I have to say that it's really awesome news that next the gen consoles will take full advantage here. The SOURCE engine seems to have the potential to turn out some awesome games.
Again why do I see people voting lame here? We are gamers...... right? Why are some people so eager to show people how much they fronting in this B!tc#'s!!