Xbox revealed: Experts on Microsoft's next games console

Microsoft is the last of the big three console makers to reveal details of its next-generation games console, but the wait has arguably only added to anticipation for the Xbox expose.

The US firm has kept its cards close to its chest ahead of the big unveil, refusing to disclose the machine's name or address rampant rumours: Will it really need an always-on internet connection? Can it possibly block second-hand games? Will it be offered at a rock bottom price if users commit to bolt-on subscription services?

DivineAssault 3659d ago

Microsoft still believes in motion gaming which has died out.. Why implement the kinect so damn hard into this machine? they couldve beefed up the hardware instead of building a precision camera.. Oh well, cant wait for E3 so i can see what else PS4 has cooking

NameRemoved00173659d ago

If there going to force you to buy kinect with it I would think its very likely the Xbox One will cost more than the PS4.

GamersRulz3659d ago

From the article (BBC):

"Microsoft will want to beat the performance of its Xbox 360 which was first to market but lowest on the global sales leaderboard"

it's funny when you think about it, MS best possible effort was outclassed easily by Sony's worst one yet.

DivineAssault 3659d ago

bubble plus pal.. i loved that part

CommonSense3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

What's funny is that people still come to n4g to have a real conversation when they should know they're just going to come across idiotic comments like yours and get downvoted for saying anything positive about MS.

this community is a joke.

back to /r/games. please don't follow me. we don't need sony tools over there.

kayoss3659d ago

You mad bro?
If you are you should take it out on Microsoft not people on this community. It's not our fault you have a damn huge man crush on Microsoft Xbox brand and to find out today that the Xbox one is a giant DVr box.

jeffgoldwin3659d ago

I don't like Kinect, but in fairness I don't like the ps4 touch controller either. Not sure why these companies force these gimics on us. I blame the success of the motion wii for a lot of this nonsense.

Root3659d ago

The difference is you can probably choose not to use the touch pad, while Kinect will be mandatory and I have a funny feeling that in the future with titles like Halo 5 they will make you do Kinect stuff while playing your game.

thelaughingwiseman3659d ago

Ok Folks who are saying "wait for E3, that's when they show the games". Yes you are right, but do you really think they are going to be showing all 15 exclusives? I highly doubt that. Angry Joe (Game reviewer/Game Industry Reviewer) put it best, the most Microsoft is going to show will be at least 3 or 4 games; and the funny thing is, they might be showing multiplat games on their system too, so it might be just 1 or 2 real exclusives. They are not going to show all of their Exclusives. And then there is the high probability that some of them are going to be Kinect. So those games shouldn't really count as true power exclusives like Gears, Halo, Forza.

It's irritating that they keep saying that. Sorry for my rant, I will retreat into the shadows

scofios3659d ago

Guess the wait until E3 will start early this gen.

Shadonic3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

If they do show more than 3 exclusives you have to buy me an xbox one. Really I'm going straight PS4 i just need something to past the time and while i will take Angry Joe's opinion into account hes not exactly the wise men of gaming. He's just a normal dude with a community of followers that grew from his outrageous behavior during reviews. and 1-2 exclusives would not only be illogical but really stupid to even expect for a new console when there trying to sell the thing as an all around entertainment device. Plus the announcement of the 15 exclusives and them hinting to more in store at E3 it's obvious there going to show more than 1-3. BTW not stupid on your part but dumb as a marketing decision especially after teasing them and the recent teasing of a historic Rare title making a return. It could also have been a strategy that they used this event to get all the TV stuff out of the way while they focus on the games at E3 considering all of the backlash that's been constantly given when they do talk about anything besides Games at E3 the biggest gaming event of the year.

thelaughingwiseman3659d ago

I don't take everything he says as the end all be all. It's that fact that me and him shared. He is a big xbox 360 buff. He loves the shit out of it. And for him to call out Xbox's reveal and expectations for E3 were on par with my own. Panels at E3 aren't very long, about 1hour and 30 minutes. They are going to be doing damage control, and then they are going to be presenting games on their system. Some of those aren't going to be exclusives, some of them are going to be kinects. That leaves at least 2-3 real exclusives. My money is on another Halo. Hell they already showed another Forza, and that weird Remedy game (leaving 13 out of the 15 exclusives that have been shown)

jjb19813659d ago

The games will need to be checked each day if they are second hand or not. Because of this, the Xbox will be always on. Boooooo

turnerdc3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

EDIT: Wrong post, sorry!

Bigkurz853659d ago

"Rightfully, Microsoft can claim it won the last console generation."

Really? Worldwide it is LAST. less people bought 360 than ps3 or Wii. Period.

turnerdc3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

In the home console market Microsoft jumped from 6 percent market share to 30 percent market share while Sony jumped from 52 percent market share to 30 percent market share. I'd call that a win for Microsoft.

SonyAddict3659d ago

And as of yesterday MSofts stock plummeted and Sony's sky rocketed!... Deal with it!!.

turnerdc3659d ago

Microsoft's stock fell $0.23 but gained $0.02 in after hours trading. Sony's rose $1.94 but fell $0.06 in after hours trading. Please tell me what your definition of "plummeted" and "sky rocketed" is. Also Sony's stock rose due to the spin-off talk that was reported today.

Bigkurz853659d ago

winning = sold the most total units. not hard to understand.

Virtual_Reality3659d ago

The current Gen is not over to conclude who is the winner.

3659d ago
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