First Def Jam: Icon footage online

Only yesterday Def Jam: Icon was announced by Electronic Arts. Today the first footage of the game already hit the internet.

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OutLaw5895d ago

Great find but I feel this game is not going to feel like the other ones.

I know the environment is suppose to interact with the music but the whole thing looks like a picture pop up book, it's that flat looking.

As for the gameplay it moved like it was in slo mo.

I'm a big fan of the series but nice looking characters doesn't add up to gameplay.
Let's hope that things change a little more with this game.

InMyOpinion5895d ago

Just like Motorstorm this game moves in slow motion. I wonder if it's got something to do with the Ps3 or if the game's just in an early stage, looks weird albeit. Gameplay just looks silly with the jumping environment and all. Another sleeping pill from EA...

kmis875895d ago

Ign said that the gameplay for the 360 and the ps3 was only running at like 10-15 fps, so what they most likely did was just speed up the frames per second to make it look good in the trailer. I think it will look better when it is actually running at a normal framerate.

zypher5895d ago

well, the graphics were definately impressive. the gameplay was kinda slow, but i'm guessing that can be attributed to the game's early development. i've never gotten into the Def Jam games, but i'll most definately be keeping an eye on this one.

ApocalypseShadow5895d ago

it was sped up,looks like GARBAGE.somebody else might like this but this game doesn't hold a candle to games like vf,doa and least those games have REAL fighting styles.tired of ea cashing in on hip hop and the black about an action game staring a black heroe for a change.

Mikey_Gee5895d ago

are all the players black or hispanic .. ??

Not that I care, but where is that lady from a few days back that was b!tchen about racism in that little arcade type game.


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