New Killzone: Mercenary screens break cover

Guerilla Games has released a new bunch of Killzone: Mercenary screenshots and they look really beautiful. The new screens seem to be direct-captures and show off the game’s majestic world as well as featuring various characters, environments and textures. Killzone Mercenary releases in the US on September 10, in Europe on September 4 and in the UK on September 6. You can watch the screens after the break. Thanks, AGB.

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Sandmano2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

ooooo weee this game looks good!!!! Finally the FPS the Vita deserves.

gabescow2710d ago

Agreed...looking forward to trying this one out.

2710d ago
thechosenone2710d ago

This game is going to look f'ing bonkers on Vita's OLED screen.

Maddens Raiders2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

0_0 yup, I gotta getta Vita.

puamdefokejpn2710d ago

Damn, it looks great,.. wow

Chitown712912710d ago

Holy crap! How the freak is this even possible? Guerrilla Games has wizards working over there

GdaTyler2709d ago

Wizards is an understatement if they can produce graphics like that so early in the Vita's life-cycle.

r212710d ago

Someone contact Nihilistic and show them what a good FPS on vita looks like >:D

GdaTyler2709d ago

Tell Nihilistic to go kiss Guerilla Cambridge's ass while their at it. Hate them.

Krew_922709d ago

Remember they ran away and changed their name with their tail in between their legs.

They're now nStigate, LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.