Take-Two Directors Building Defense Against EA

Six men on the Take-Two Interactive Software board of directors have acquired more shares today in what looks to be a tactic to strengthen their defense against the ongoing hostile takeover that is being attempted by Electronic Arts. With EA attempting to buy stock directly from shareholders in order to gain control of the company, this new move by Take-Two may prove worthwhile in the future.

Michael Sheresky, Michael Dornemann, Jon J. Moses, Grover C. Brown, Robert A. Bowman and John F. Levy are the six men that have upped their shares today equally, each of them adding 1623. After adding the new shares, Sheresky holds 9855, Dornemann holds 9855, Moses holds 10741, Brown holds 15955, Levy holds 15855 and Bowman holds 9855.

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Ace-Jury3955d ago

could be important down the stretch

TheMART3955d ago

That's no defence... That's earning a lot when EA has to pay.

EA will get Take Two either way. EA has changed a bit I hope with their new IP's, the company tries to become different.

As we see with Bioware, giving Mass Effect 2 to 360 timed exclusive again, lateron on PC but no PS3. It seems EA respects that kind of things nowadays instead of milking every game till its a bad game in the end.

Skerj3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Maybe EA should spend that money and energy making sure their developers create top notch games and original IPs, then they wouldn't need to buy out everyone else's and "EA-cize" it.

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