PALGN: FIFA Street 3 Review

PALGN writes: "The FIFA Street series kicked off in 2005, and since then, has become one of those select games that baffle, and in some cases outright annoy critics, yet still sell well. The third installment, so far, has done nothing to buck this trend. It's gratifying to believe that this is simply the result of an uniformed public, or great marketing, but after several installments that answer becomes difficult to swallow. There has to be a key, a hidden secret to FIFA Street that critics overlook, or else buyers wouldn't continue to return to the series. So what is it, and does it make FIFA Street 3 a good, or even a great game?

The concept of the game is simple. Take the old game of soccer, and put it on the streets (although this definition is stretched at times, with some maps being as eccentric as oil rigs). Erase impediments to fast gameplay, like refereeing and set halves, and ramp up the skill level to the absurd. Set it to energetic, 'euro' style music, and visually brighten things up by pseudo cell-shading the stars of the game. Sounds good on paper, but is it fun in practice, or more appropriately, in competition?"

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