The Orange Box Patch In Detail, List Inside

PSX Extreme writes: "By now, if you're an owner of a PS3 copy of The Orange Box, you may have heard about a patch that was released earlier today. Perhaps you've already downloaded the patch but don't know what it does. Well, Electronic Arts has just issued word on all of the fixes that comes with this update, so take a look at the list below:

* Fixed a graphical issue whereby a player would have the explosion effect left on the end of their Rocket Launcher when attempting to Rocket Jump.

* Fixed a memory leak to improve single player stability."

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aaron58293861d ago

Load of bull ! Where's my rumble ? Framerate problem solving ? Loading times everytime i die ??

Wasted my time ... ! Screw it !

Lucreto3861d ago

I noticed very few frame rate drops on the PS3 version. What annoyed me was being kicked out of a match in Team Fortress after about 5 minutes.

Cynical-Gamerzus3861d ago

Judging by the comments..They need to make a patch for Valve and Gabe Knewl and Teach them how to Make Games for PS3 and stop with the dated PC engine ports...
Can you say new engine for PS3 or fade a way in Budget PC360 Lala land..=D