Lawmaker: IBM aided Holocaust, Google following same path

Via Ars Technica: Rep. Chris Smith appears to have missed the memo that Google is "not evil": "Well, before the big hearing that we had three years ago-it turned out to be an eight-hour hearing-I read a book called IBM and the Holocaust," he said (see the full transcript). "And the author talks about how, when he was going through the Holocaust Museum, he saw this small box that had IBM indicia on it. And then he, you know, did some looking into it and came to the conclusion, based on his research, heavily footnoted in his book, that-did you ever wonder why the Gestapo always had all of those very well-laid-out prints of where the Jews lived, because IBM made it happen. And high-tech is doing it today, regrettably, in places like China and Belarus and Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, Vietnam."

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