Middleware Access Could Become Restricted Due To Acquisitions

Takeovers and acquisitions have been a hot subject over the past six months between EA's attempt to land Take-Two and their successful acquisition of BioWare and Pandemic.

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JoelR3867d ago

Not just EA... remember this is about EPIC and it possibly being bought by Microsoft.

Middleware has been preached at us developers for a long time to save money and R&D time - but no one ever considered the wider implications of outsourcing to a middleware provider. That is that they can be taken over by your competitor. I guess we are getting a lesson the hard way about not depending on external assets as much.

I look at Insomniac and I am thinking that as they developed their own engine and have done well with it, that more companies will spend the time and money to develop their own engines rather then risk the possibility of their middleware engines being yanked out from under them.

TheExodus3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I doubt it, because the market for middleware is far too lucrative. Company A can buy Company B, but there is no guarantee that the talent from Company B isn't going to leave to start Company C.

JoelR3867d ago

You can leave and start a new company but you can't use your work from the previous company as a starting point. The company that you left would still own all code and all derived code for the work you did with them. If you do go to work for a competitor you had best not be in the same field as anything you do will lead to a lawsuit from your former employer against your current employer.

Most companies also require employees to sign noncompete and nondisclosure agreements that usually last 3-5 years. This generally keeps most people from the above anyway.

So no you can't just up and leave and try to create a new company to compete with your old one if you don't like the new owners. You are in complete bondage with legal red tape.

The gaming GOD3867d ago

is that really true? Working in gaming might not be all it's cracked up to be then. That means one's potential talent can easily be abused

JoelR3866d ago

Unfortunately very true. We get tied up with more legal knots than gordian... It is meant to protect our employer from being screwed over proprietary technology being abused (sold/shown) by former developers.

The gaming GOD3866d ago

I was considering taking up game design in school.

It's tough to get into the business as it is. Now combined with that fact that you're saying that these companies can legally hold down potential programmers talent just because they're afraid of their tech secrets being leaked is scary

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