IGN: EndWar's Persistent Battle; New Trailer

As much as artificial intelligence has progressed in recent years, nothing beats the thrill of taking down a live opponent. EndWar is looking to make that thrill even more powerful by adding a persistent online war between three factions vying for control of key locations. To learn more about how the multiplayer game is coming together, IGN went to Michael de Plater, creative director for EndWar.

IGN: Will the public get to play a multiplayer beta or demo before the game releases?

Michael de Plater: Absolutely they will. All our playtests have shown that it doesn't matter how much I brag about the game, people really "get it" when they have the controller in their hands and start issuing orders via the voice command. So giving gamers an early taste of the EndWar is key.

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Dr Pepper3954d ago

I thought that trailer was pretty darn cool! Looks action-packed. I wonder if this will have to compete with Halo Wars? Should be interesting if they release around the same time. Anyways, I'm interested in what they can do with this online mode and I look forward to that demo! (and the game's release, of course)

deadpreacher3954d ago

Yes it does look very good! This game happens to be in my top 3 picks so far this year. Endwar has what it takes to be one of the greats this year. Yet i'm left wondering how the replay value is going to be? Does the game support alot of host options or is it more like battlestations: Miday where everything is set in stone for every map you play? I don't believe its that bad, but if im in a friends only room and we want to change up whats allowed instead of doing a house rule i would rather see the host take care of it! Just simple things really like No Air or Just Air units! Things along them lines.