N+: The Interview by IGN

The emergence of downloadable games on home consoles has led to some wonderful rediscoveries of old genres that many gamers might have thought had died. Metanet's N+ for Xbox Live Arcade is a spare, but devilishly refined 2D platformer that is a direct throwback to the earliest PC platformers. The game unfolds in bite-size levels that encourage players to find a switch to open the exit door and then escape from the small rectangular levels as quickly as possible. In his review, Ryan Geddes described the game as, "just plain fun to play. The controls feel nice and the levels are creative and addictive." In an era of eight-figure budgets and 100+ person teams for triple-A games, N+ sprung from the hard work and imagination of two ambitious students at the University of Toronto.

IGN had the opportunity to catch up with Metanet Co-founders, and N+ creators, Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard.

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D3MO3867d ago

I love this arcade game. i used to play it on the computer. just like he said its a very addictive game and i could play for hours.