Ready to Rumble: New DualShock 3 vs. Sixaxis

GamePro cracked open the PS3's new DualShock 3 to see how this new rumble-enhanced controller compares to the Sixaxis and DualShock 2.

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SeanScythe3867d ago

I notice that it hasn't had 1 disconnect durring game play unlike my old sixaxis controllers.

jackdoe3867d ago

I haven't had many disconnects with the sixaxis to begin with. The main cause of the disconnect is interfering blu-tooth devices. BTW, didn't disagree with you cause I don't have a Dual Shock 3 yet.

Lifendz3867d ago

Charging it before I use it. Can't wait to try out Rrrrrrrrr rumble!

Da360sucks3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

i never had 1 disconnect during game old with sixaxis controllers
and none with New DualShock 3
the new DualShock 3 feel better
because it has more weight on it

rbanke3867d ago

The controller that shipped with my ps3 did that constantly, the extra i bought never did. Regardless, i preordered gt5p & a ds3 today.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3867d ago

Sixaxis controller disconnects on its own? Never happened to me before luckily. BUT, nonetheless DS3 is the way to go.

TwissT3867d ago

Sometimes my controller causes the person I am playing in a FPS to spin around, it pisses me off sometimes because it does it at the wrong time.

jadenkorri3867d ago

ordered mine from play disconnects like the original...funny how i never really see people actually post about it...i think the rrod over shadowed it..

Harry1903866d ago

disconnects happen sometimes.
i want my ds3.want

lawgone3866d ago

Agree...this used to happen to me on Resistance a lot when it first came out which would result in me point my weapon in the air and spinning around while I got jacked up lol. It hasn't happened in the last month or so though. Even worse was on the 360 when I would play Bioshock and would regenrate my charachter would unload a precious clip of ammo while waiting for the vitachamber doors to open - essentially ensuring a quick death when I got out. Still one of the best games ever though...

yesah3866d ago

i didnt know i could get DS3 yet, and i just bought another sixaxis a few weeks ago....Damn

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BilI Gates3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

DS3 is vastly superior to Suxaxus.

I'd like to start off by saying that yes, I'm the real Bill Gates and yes I've had a PS3 since launch. Great system. The new controllers are heavier and they don't feel as cheap.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill Gates

TheWickedOne3867d ago

Actually you started off by saying "DS3 is vastly superior to Suxaxus."

Anyways, can't wait for the Dualshock, although I had no problems w/ my sixaxis. Aside from it had no rumble.

BilI Gates3867d ago

Don't correct foo'.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

meepmoopmeep3867d ago

the best thing about the DS3 is the weight. i wish they would have cured the triggers out though.

resistance1003866d ago

i've actually come to like the triggers now, i wasn't sure about them when i first got the console, but since then i've found they really do work

thehitman3867d ago

BUT the weight. The weight has a good feel to it when I play, but when it drops it breaks pretty easy. I have 3 controllers one that has some lose bolt or w.e it is inside that shakes around and turns off from time to time and use to have a controller that the R1,R2,L2,L1 were all ripped off because my lil brother threw it. I bought a brand new 1 with warranty and got the 1 with rip buttons replaced so I have 2 spanking new 1s now. Im waiting for dual shock3 to get the shacky 1 replaced my friend going to buy 1 and im going to pay for his warranty to get it replaced.

eagle213867d ago

The Dualshock 3 is awesome. Perfect weight, durable, great battery life, charges fast, excellent SIXAXIS mechanics etc. My friend loves the SIXAXIS, doesn't need rumble. It's about preference. From the D-pad, analog sticks, to the HOME button, it feels perfect. The Dualshock won an technical emmy award in 2007 by the way. The XMB won an emmy in 2007 too but who's bragging? :)

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