BlazBlue is getting an anime adaptation


Arc System Works’s 2D fighting game series BlazBlue is being adapted into an anime series, the cover of the second volume in Fumishobo’s light novel adaptation of the game’s story has revealed.

The news comes in from Netizens in Japan who have secured a copy of the BlazBlue light novel series’s second volume, which hits book stores today.

Could this BlazBlue anime announcement be what Arc System Works is counting down to on the Arc Fes portal site?

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Simon_Brezhnev2162d ago

I know right its not like they are low on material since the is pretty deep.

Snookies122162d ago

Very interested to see how they put this together into an anime. There are a lot of very fine details one needs in order to understand the story of Blazblue. Miss one little point and you're lost.

Inception2162d ago

Yeah, especially BlazBlue have multiple time paralell to deal. But i think they will use Continuum Shift Extend story for their standard.

JeepGamer2162d ago

Oh good it can join the ranks of all the other really good anime adaptations of video games... like... uh... wait a minute there are no good anime adaptations of video games.

You should be very cautious.

Inception2162d ago

I think KoF: Another Day from Production I.G are one of the best anime adaptations of video game. Even though it's only 4 eps with total 32 minutes of runtime >.<

The other great anime adaptation fron video games are Persona 3 and 4 (movies or tv series), Devil May Cry, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (It's awesome, even they gave Chun-li a worthy fan service in bathroom XD), and the tv series SF II-V. Well, those are very memorable & have good quality to me.

Lavalamp2162d ago

It's not like the narrative in the franchise is conveyed through the gameplay. Like a lot of fighting games, BlazBlue's story is primarily told through text in dialogue scenes akin to visual novels. And since visual novels are a major go-to for anime source material, I don't see the disconnect. For BlazBlue, the problem isn't that it's an anime adaption of a game, but rather the sheer amount of inane animu writing that's got to be translated into a 1/2-cour series. But in the hands of talent who thrive on this sort of thing, the anime has the potential to be something really enjoyable.

Simon_Brezhnev2162d ago

Yeah i agree with you fully. I really hope the anime is good. I just know Noel is probably going to be the fanservice of the show. lol

Baka-akaB2162d ago

" wait a minute there are no good anime adaptations of video games. "

uh actually there hve been plenty especially pc games like Fate stay Night . You just probably didnt even know those were originally games

NukeDaHippies2162d ago

Shit now i gotta change my pants.

Snookies122162d ago

Was the pun intended there? Lol

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