Arc System Works Announces BlazBlue and More for Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works just followed up the reveal of the Nintendo Switch with a press release of its own, announcing two games for the console.

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Featuring_Dante1616d ago

not with those controls, lol

browngamer411616d ago

With what controls? Joycons in the adapter make a full controller, and they have a pro controller plus a fight stick, seems like you'll have plenty of control options, wtf are you going on about,lol

Featuring_Dante1616d ago

the lack of d-pad makes it unplayable. The buttons under the left stick are not Directional pads.
buying a full on stick for a fighting game sounds like a paywall to me, also not worth it when there aren't many fighting games coming for the system, thats based on the previous 2 consoles.

ChronoJoe1616d ago

Agree with Dante, the lack of a dpad will make these games incredibly difficult to play. I guess you can use a pro controller or arcade stick though, so it's not completely awful.