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TG writes: Hauppauge let us take their HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus unit for a test spin. Is it worth its price tag or is it best left on the store shelf?

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ftwrthtx2169d ago

Too bad Sony doesn't allow HDMI streaming. Why do they need HDCP for video games?

Cirran2169d ago

Or just wait for the PS4 and not need to buy this.

doctorstrange2169d ago

Yeah, I hope vid editing will be comprehensive

animegamingnerd2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

what if i don't know want to capture other consoles and besides its been stated the developer are able to not let the share button work in certain of part of a game like say a final boss or ending

Blacktric2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

This is still what some people believe... Just LOL.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the detailed review guys.

PurpHerbison2169d ago

If I have a PS4 am I allowed to stream naked but have some sort of adult content set for my own username? I'd really like to start running a Nudist Gaming stream.

imXify2169d ago

I was about to get this but I went for the elgato instead. Smaller, less cables and does the job.