Haze on Xbox 360 or PC Possible

Comments made by Ubisoft to SPOnG suggest that, in spite of reports to the contrary, Haze might not be eternally tied to the PS3. Responding to the suggestion that Haze will never see release on any system other than the PS3, a Ubisoft representative told SPOnG, "It's PS3 for now. That's our official line."

The words "for now" loom large. It could be that the game is a timed exclusive as many supposed when its PS3 'exclusivity' was confirmed. It's also worth remembering, as SPOnG pointed out earlier in the week, that Haze was originally planned for release on the Xbox 360 and PC as well as the PS3.

Clearly, that's by no means confirmation that the game will be released for other platforms, but PC and 360 gamers can still hold onto a little bit of hope...

Reports that Haze will never be released on any platform other than the PS3 were kicked off by ripten, which said that two Ubisoft reps had confirmed the information.

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Blademask4879d ago

When it was multiplat:

"Oh WoW!!! Looks Great!"

When it went PS3

"LOL, IT BLOWS, look at the mipmap samples when you zoom in 9900x hahaha"

This is like the PS3 getting Turning Point, and boasting about it. Enjoy this one, its going to stink.

Sez 4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

isn't that the same thing you sonyfans say when you find out a game isn't coming to the ps3. when you guys thought ME,gears of war 2,ect. the first thing you guys say is." i have no intentions of buying this game" or 360 can keep this game i have better games to play on the ps3. but as soon as a dev's says well it's going mutli-plat. you guy get excited. "oh ME2 is coming to the ps3. cause EA don't do exclusives. i bet bioware hurt sonyfans feeling when they claimed it's only coming to the 360 and the PC.

pwnsause4878d ago

but it looks like your interested cause you're reading the article that states that the game might release on the 360 soon.

Blademask4878d ago

I own both consoles. Games interest me period.

pwnsause4878d ago

@blademask, Im speaking towards vega75's statement.

poopface14878d ago

I still dont think i ll buy it but I cant say taht the possibility of a fps on 360 makes me upset. I think they are just trying to get us to talk about haze cause its going against MGS and thats bad for them.

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damnwrx4879d ago

Haze will never see the light of day release on any systems coz, of delays

devilhunterx4878d ago

that actually made me chuckle

4879d ago
PSWe604879d ago

Ok, that's enough, Hey Ubisoft F*CK YOU!!!
Delays, delays, exclusivity, maybe, multi platform, exclusivity, nah it'll be multi plat. What's next? It's coming to the Dreamcast?

masterg4878d ago

A delay is the result of a good publisher that doesn't force the developer to release a game before its done.

So I if you want to F**k anyone it has to be the Awesome studio that is Free Radical.

Lumbo4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

I disagree, a delay is the result of either bad project management by the publisher or serious issues at last minute caused by bad programming by the developer. A delay is never the result of someone being "good". Else it wouldn't be a "delay" as the responsible parties should not hand out release dates without any knowledge of the state of the project.

With Resistance2 and Killzone2 my appetite for FPS is already served, i guess i will skip this one.

poopface14878d ago

wasnt that delayed? I thing its going to kick ass and will easily be the best game that ps3 has for a while, even though it was delayed.

butterfinger4879d ago

that I've read this same information about 50 times. Please stop posting this, it's pointless.

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