Race Driver: GRID Four Fresh Screens

From the article: "Codemasters has released four new screenshots from their upcoming race simulation Race Driver: GRID. This game sure looks incredible.

Image gallery after the break."

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iAmPS33862d ago

Another game I will enjoy on my PS3 and PC ???
Hummmm, sounds fun.

I'm glad I got some exclusives too this year. *cough*GT5*cough*

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!!!

doodle3862d ago

PS3 is the primary console for this game so expect the game to run 1t 2x the speed on ps3 just like Burnout

But i think Codemasters should release the game in july/august ....cuz theres no way people would get this over MOTORSTORM 2/GT5P

anyway good addition to PS3's lineup this year

iAmPS33862d ago

Doodle, I couldn't put all that in better words.

ambientFLIER3862d ago

LOL. You guys are a funny pair. Burnout does indeed look slightly better on the PS3, I will admit it, but it's a minor difference, not 2x faster. Lol. So that's 1 out of 100 games that's actually better on the ps3! Haha, high-fives all around for the sony team!

BilI Gates3862d ago

Doesn't look quite as good as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, that's for sure. Looks more like a ripoff of Burnout.

hazeblaze3862d ago

I disagree... I don't think it looks like a Burnout Ripoff. The visuals do look pretty good. Although I agree that the in car view isn't comparable with GT5... Either way, I'll be buying Prologue & the real GT5... I think this game was a nice try though.

resistance1003862d ago

While the visuals are nice (a bit better than burnout imo), after playing it at, the game play just seems a bit average theres nothing really there on it. I won't be investing in it thats for sure. I will just stick with GT5:P and Ferrari Challenge

nirwanda3862d ago

I prefer to listen to the opinion of someone that has played the game rather than just see a bunch of screenshots and replay vids if I can't try a demo myself.

did you check the options to see if any driver aids were enabled like forza I hope this was just a poor choice of vehicle for the demo the other games had a great variety of stuff to drive.

Blademask3862d ago

Looking great, not photo real yes, But every game cant achieve that. Especially when multiplat.

gambare3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

it adds life to the games

slowlearner3862d ago

You really spent the time posting a lie? Amazing. Halo 3 uses HDR not bloom lighting.
/off topic

Looks great. Can't wait to get my ass handed to me in the in car view.

InMyOpinion3862d ago

It looks awesome! I just hope the handling is better than in Dirt.

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The story is too old to be commented.