Gamestop Removes Rainbow Six: Patriots From Database

In a worrying move, Gamestop has de-listed Rainbow Six: Patriots from their database, and stopped taking pre-orders for the game. After being shrouded in darkness and silence for a while now, Rainbow Six: Patriots had slipped off the radar for many gamers as lack of any real gameplay footage or announcements have left gamers slightly wary over whether the game will see an eventual release at all. IGN states that Ubisoft had told them last year that the game was still in development, and that a removal of the title from a retailer’s database could simply be a time-out mechanism in place with their database software/systems, and not representative of the game facing cancellation.

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Salooh1980d ago

It's not. They said that they already finished a part of the game but i don't remember which one the mp or sp. There is a rumor saying they will announce 2 games one is a new ip and the other rainbow. maybe they changed things from the game so they are changing the name or something like that..

ACESupERIC1980d ago

Rainbow six was/is my favorite fps multiplayer. I've patiently been waiting for a new one and if it is canceled that would be sooooo f-dup

Rocky1976d ago

Looks cancelled, but it's a smoke screen.

It'll be revealed at E3, next gen consoles only. That's what they are guess-timating at :op