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SouthPeak Games has announced that it will be releasing a sequel to Two Worlds, its popular open-world role-playing game. Entitled Two Worlds: The Temptation, this second episode from the world of Antaloor is set for release on PC and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. Due on the shelves in autumn 2008, Two Worlds: The Temptation will build on its prequel by including a host of improvements and new features, including a completely overhauled graphics engine.

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DarkSniper4493d ago

A sequel to a horrendous Western Role Playing game. Two Worlds recieved some of the worst reviews in RPG history. Games like this has given shame to the true developers such as Square Enix. To make matters worse, in typical Microsoft fashion, this sequel will be rushed to the market in order to make a claim that XBOX 360 has more games. Ensuring that more garbage hits the market for their garbage console.

This is what Dark Sniper likes to call RUSHING AH3AD.


Legion4492d ago

I understand a lot of the complaints that people have of Two Worlds. I had the same issues at first.

But really, the game actually draws you into the world and has good character leveling and sound story structure.

The voice acting can be over the top and the controls can take some getting used to... but over all I have really enjoyed the game.

With better graphics, better voice acting and maybe the use of the Assassins Creed horse controls. This game would be excellent.

Can't wait to see what comes of this game.