“Kratos Would Destroy Hulk,” Class of Heroes 2 Passes Sony QA, Light up Your Farts With Orc Attack

Sony Santa Monica has weighed in on the age old debate of Hulk vs. Kratos by saying, “Kratos would destroy Hulk into Ghostbuster goo.” - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2890d ago

I think it would depend on what weapons were available to Kratos.

Enemy2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Kratos kills gods and titans for fun. I don't understand how this is even a debate.

Blastoise2890d ago

If he can beat this guy, he can beat the hulk.

Kingnichendrix2890d ago

but hulk has a ridiculous healing factor and increases in strength as a fight progresses

Baka-akaB2890d ago

Not really that guy is nothing by marvel standard . he 's pretty much a big version of the Thing from the fantastic four , and Hulk would tear that apart

BitbyDeath2890d ago


Kratos doesn't need to heal, he just rises from the dead until the job is done.

Baka-akaB2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

To rise from the dead means he died to begin with . Hulk never died , outside of fringe and alternative timeline storylines . Hell one of the only ones he dies from was at the hand of Red Hulk so ...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2890d ago

superman would destroy kratos with lasers from far away.

Enemy2890d ago

How you gonna heal when you literally lose your head seconds within the "fight"? HULK SMASHED

AngelicIceDiamond2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Spawn could kill Kratos.

Before you fanboys start. Spawn has modern fighting style/ and knowledge in urban weaponry.

If that doesn't work he has is powers which feed off ill thoughts/ darkness.

Sorrow, vengence, Anger and destructive thoughts plus many, many, MANY more. In which ALL Kratos feels. in other words Kratos would just keep spawn powerful while Kratos gets weaker.


Reverent2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I'm a huge Marvel fan, and is much as I LOVE the Hulk (he's tied with Iron Man as my favorite Super Hero), I have to say, I think Kratos would win. He wouldn't "destroy" The Hulk by any means, and it would be a close fight... but fanboyism aside, Kratos destroys gods. You know, those guys that are supposed to be IMMORTAL.

Also, a side note, if we're comparing these two potential-wise, of course the Hulk would win. But in a legitimate, fair fight, I give my vote to Kratos.

And guys, yeah, the Hulk potentially has limitless anger/strength, but as all you comic fans should know, the Hulk DOES have his limits and weaknesses.

Gohadouken2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

No offense , but since you are a Marvel fan apparently ... you do know that being a god isnt that big of a feat or status in the MU . Thor is a god but of a whole different class of his own , same with the Eternals and Thanos of the Titans .

You also know that some can do pretty much and did the same kind of feat as Kratos , and would still get stomped by the Hulk at reasonable force or most cosmic beings .

Kratos has yet to perform any kind of impossible or strange feat for the strongest guys in the Marvel Universe (hulke being one of them) , while the opposite isnt true

JoySticksFTW2890d ago

Huge Marvel fan here, as well as huge Hulk fan.

Hulk cannot beat Odin.

And if Zeus and Odin are roughly equals, Hulk loses to Zeus badly.

ZombieNinjaPanda2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Given enough time, the Hulk can destroy universes. This is not a discussion. He is Overpowered as hell.

Before anyone goes for my throat because this site is filled with fanboys, the gods that kratos goes after are only immortal in the sense that they can't die by time. They can clearly die through Kratos killing them, thus implying they are not by any means invincible.

Skips2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Hows about the VIDEO GAME, or MOVIE version of the Hulk vs Kratos. :D

Comic Hulk: Kratos GETS SMASHED!

Videogame/movie version Hulk: Hulk GETS SMASHED...

Comic book characters are stupidly over powered... Especially in comparison to some of the strongest videogame characters. lol

SilentNegotiator2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Hulk uses auto-heal. But then Kratos has infinite lives. But then Hulk could probably track down hades and destroy it. But then Kratos can kill a god, so he could probably deliver a killing blow to him with the right weapon. But then...etc, etc, etc.

They're from different universes where power is pretty much measured differently. Now shut up, all of you. lol

BlmThug2890d ago

A site full of mainly Sony fanboys means 'Hulk gets smashed' :L

JoySticksFTW2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@ Silentnegotiator

"Now shut up, all of you. lol"

Are you crazy?!

Discussing battles like this is Nerd Heaven for some of us.

Hulk vs Kratos battle on comicvine :)

As for who wins, I think Sonic200 has the right of things.

It really depends on which versions of each we are dealing with.

1Victor2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Just Saying Hulk Fought To A Tie With A Guy With The Power Of Thousand Suns No Greek God Or Titan Got That Much Power. @ Baka Akab Bellow Hulk Healing Factor Is Higher Than Wolverine He's Able To Adapt To Even Space .

B-radical2890d ago

Yeah but to make it intresting they have to make it more matched

Analcarnage2890d ago

World War hulk may beat kratos

papashango2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Kratos has no chance.


1)Hulks hold up mountain in Secret Wars

2)Lifting and moving the Blob whom can increase his center of gravity

3)Breaking Superman's grip and throwing him into space (superman states Hulk is the strongest he's ever gone up against)

4) Smashed an asteroid twice the size of the Earth with a single punch

5) Survived nova burst from the Human Torch..(The Torch can release all of his body's stored energy in one intense, omni-directional "nova-burst," which can reach about 1,000,000 F, and which is similar to the heat-pulse of a nuclear warhead detonation, with an area of total devastation of about 900 feet in diameter and the power of a super nova. (The Torch has claimed that he can destroy a small moon with his nova-flame.)

6) Reflecting Gladiator's eye beam back into his eyes, which was describe as being hotter than the center of the sun

7) Supports the weight of continents during Tectonic shifts

omi25p2890d ago

The angrier Hulk gets the stronger he gets.

Meaning the harder Kratos fights the harder it becomes.

vork772890d ago

be happy he is not battling spawn and his cape the feeds off of anger

SonyPS3602889d ago

Because the hulk is invincible, only gets stronger the more damage he takes, and Kratos can be killed.


The end.

ThanatosDMC2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

World Breaker Hulk >>>>> Kratos would poop himself before exploding into paste with a flick of Hulk's finger... and Hulk would still be holding back most of his power.

AceBlazer132889d ago

The gods in god of war are weak compared to most fictional gods.Hulk has gone toe to toe with Thor and other characters way more deserving of the rank/title of god.Hulk takes this

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LAZL0-Panaflex2890d ago

Bullshit article. Hulk would destroy kratos. Wolverine would destroy kratos. Batman maybe not.

ABizzel12890d ago

Wolverine becomes Kratos' new pelt.

Hulk is too inconsistent to say for sure. Standard Hulk Kratos can win, any of his higher incarnations and Kratos might be in trouble or at least in for the fight of his life depending on what powers or weapons he gets.

Baka-akaB2890d ago

I dont see how kratos beats any version of the Hulk . even at its weakest version the hulk is still hulk with an almost wolverine like regen . And that's if you can even damage him

Simon_Brezhnev2890d ago

I guess a lot of people dont know Hulk feats.

dantesparda2890d ago

No way, would Wolverine beat Kratos, Wolverine is weak and overrated. Now Hulk on the other hand, i dont know. But its all bullsh!t, becuase all these characters powers are exaggerated over time

Azfargh2890d ago

Wolverine destroying Kratos...??? Pfff...

Hulk would beat K., but never W. would do the same with K.

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PigPen2890d ago

Kratos would destroy Hulk, never. The hulk get stronger the more angry he get. Kratos will be given a title like the death of Superman.

BitbyDeath2890d ago

What if the Hulk never got a chance to get angry and transform?

Tonester9252890d ago

^^^^ " I tried to end it all. I put the gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger but then the other me spit the bullet out."

ThanatosDMC2889d ago

Hulk is the last human ever alive after the world ended. Those mutant roaches were the only things that survived to pester Hulk. Hulk ate anything and everything if he's hungry.

TheTwelve2890d ago

As much as I'm a Marvel geek and love the Hulk, Kratos as he's displayed in the games would obliterate the Hulk.

Why? Well, Zeus beat the crap out of Hulk:

And Kratos beat the crap out of Zeus and all of the Greek gods.

The end.


Simon_Brezhnev2890d ago

Thats just one version. You make it seem like Kratos never lose. Hulk would beat him.

- Apocalypse states that the Unleashed Hulk's vast power/energies could challenge or possibly even overcome the Celestials themselves (Incredible Hulk #456)!

- The Hulk withstands the Surfer's cosmic bolts at point blank range unharmed, breaks through a barrage of the cosmic energy, and fights the Herald of Galactus to a standstill (Tales to Astonish #93)!

- Oldar the Oracle describes the Hulk as power incarnate, stating that many have tried to hault his rampages including Thor, the Silver Surfer, Namor and many more only to fail. She made it clear that the Hulk's power was truly a threat to all of Asgard (Incredible Hulk #102)!

- The Beyonder states that the Hulk's strength has no finite element inside and that Hulk's power is virtually limitless (Secret Wars 2 #8)!

- The Savage Hulk grasps and breaks through a forcefield barrier designed to repell the Celestials with sheer brute strength alone (Incredible Hulk #242)!

- The Savage Hulk destroys an indestructible ancient weapon designed by a race of Gods to battle the Celestials with his bare hands (Incredible Hulk #242-243)!

- Green Scar Hulk withstands Human Torch's Super Nova Blast and Storm's lightning combination attack and is virtually unscathed by the powerful energy assault (World War Hulk #2)!

Clarence2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

One version does not make it the complete version. Gods get their strenght from prayers. Hulk doesn't need prayers.

Greek mythology is bull$hit. Puny gods no prayer no power.

TheTwelve2889d ago

- Apocalypse states that the Unleashed Hulk's vast power/energies could challenge or possibly even overcome the Celestials themselves (Incredible Hulk #456)!

**** Apocalypse is incorrect. Just because he said it doesn't mean it's true. And this has never been displayed.

- The Hulk withstands the Surfer's cosmic bolts at point blank range unharmed, breaks through a barrage of the cosmic energy, and fights the Herald of Galactus to a standstill (Tales to Astonish #93)!

*** Fine. Did you know the Hulk has never even harmed Silver Surfer...ever?

- Oldar the Oracle describes the Hulk as power incarnate, stating that many have tried to hault his rampages including Thor, the Silver Surfer, Namor and many more only to fail. She made it clear that the Hulk's power was truly a threat to all of Asgard (Incredible Hulk #102)!

*** Do you remember what happened when Thanos fought the Hulk? He teased the Hulk and said that HE (Thanos) is power incarnate. Then he proceeded to take Hulk's head and bash it against Drax the Destroyer's. This happened in the Infinity Gauntlet crisis. Look it up. (by the way, Silver Surfer can't touch Thanos.)

- The Beyonder states that the Hulk's strength has no finite element inside and that Hulk's power is virtually limitless (Secret Wars 2 #8)!

*** If the Hulk is allowed to get angrier and angrier, sure. But again, if you take him out before he gets to that point (as Zeus as powerful enough to do), it's over.

Finally, yes, you need to pull out the "Savage" or "Green Scar" Hulk to even begin to make this discussion interesting. However, we're not talking about heroes in their temporary, passing states. If we do that, we might as well say Spider-Man is the most powerful dude ever because he was once "Cosmic Powered" Spider-Man (in which state he smacked the Hulk literally into out of space, btw).

The Hulk as he is mostly presented is not powerful enough to beat Kratos the God of War.

We can go about many what if's and such but we have evidence of this:

1. Zeus beating down Hulk.
2. Kratos beating down Zeus.

Based on the evidence, the outcome is clear if these two met unless other evidence is presented. That's all we can go by...everything else is just debate and what if's.


AceBlazer132889d ago

The gods in marvel are way stronger than the oness in GoW as i've stated before.GoW gods are pathetic and undeserving of the title

JustinWeinblatt2889d ago

Marvel Zeus and GOW Zeus are two different characters with different abilities based on the same source.

The end.

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B-radical2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Goku kills all!

TwistedMetal2890d ago

kratos would win he kills gods and titans. titans alone out power base level hulk by 100 times. also blades of chaos would cut hulk up and make him mince meat. them blades are like maximum carnage / wolvrines berserker barage attacks from marvel vs capcom.

BlackTar1872890d ago

Titans do not out power base the Hulk. The hulk has a almost limitless powerbase.

Azfargh2890d ago


All your info based on speculation without even the comics facts.

I barely know about the MU but the facts presented here is undeniable. Comics like to exaggerated their characters powers. Games are not able to do scale that much (as Hulk Comics does) such powers with current hardware.

Maddens Raiders2890d ago

I love both of these guys, but no one Destroys the Incredible Hulk. Not even Supes or Logan. The Hulk is in a league all his own.

Nevers2890d ago

I find the wording "age old" pretty funny, since GoW is 8 yrs old. The age of your avg 3rd grader.

AliTheSnake12889d ago

If KRATOS vs HULK happened. It will be one hell of a fight, and it will end by Kratos Striking the Hulk's heart with the Blade of Olympus.

andibandit2889d ago

Dosnt even matter what weapons Kratos uses, tank shells just bounce off the Hulk, what do you think edged/blunt weapons are gonna do LOOOOL

AliTheSnake12889d ago

Blade of Olympus is not any weapons and it is not a tank's shell. was created by Zeus, forged of the Heavens and the Earth during the end of the Great War to banish the Titans to Tartarus and end the brutal war once and for all. the weapon was used to stab and kill three Gods: Kratos, Zeus and Athena.
and stab and kill three titans. Perses, Cronos and Gaia

cell9892889d ago

Just read World War Hulk people, if he was able to withstand The Sentry, a being so fast and powerful (equal to 100 exploding suns) he can sure as hell dance with Kratos, Hercules is not in the same category as The Hulk, strength wise, matter of a fact, all the Hulk has to do is grab Kratos jump into outer Space and leave Kratos to die up there

LittleCorporal112889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Outer space say what ?
Kratos Died twice, went to hell. Fought, killed and absorbed Hades soul and came back to life.
Also kratos can breath underwater.
color hercules here green and that's how your hulk will end up.

3-4-52889d ago

uhh...every time Kratos "destroys" hulk, won't it just make hulk stronger ?

LittleCorporal112889d ago

Hulk might be able to be stronger the more he gets angrier . But it will only take one small mistake, for kratos to unleash the rage of sparta. Where he has unlimited magic and cannot take any damage whatsoever. Then unleashes all of his magic abilities (Kratos harnessed the magic and abilities and weapons of every single god and the biggest titans in Olympus ), stun the hulk, use hermes' boots to to run fast and jumb on him from the back and stab his heart with the blade of Olympus .

JsonHenry2889d ago

The Hulk would destroy Kratos. You can't kill him as the hulk and he only gets stronger as the fight does on. The same can not be said for Kratos. Let the geek fight commence!

-GametimeUK-2889d ago

I think Hulk would win. We have seen him kick a Gods back side with much more ease than Kratos. Avengers "Puny God"... nuff said.

GuyThatPlaysGames2889d ago

First off, none of them are real so how can you argue what game characters can beat others? Sounds like an episode of Big Bang. Grow up

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Godmars2902890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"Puny God."

Okay, "Puny God-killer" to be exact.

Nitrowolf22890d ago

TBF, he was a God at a point

LAZL0-Panaflex2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

So was Thor and hulk cleaned his clock. So did red hulk. Kratos is a demigod written into a linear story and is only as good as player one. If player 1 is picking his nose or choking his chicken a puny little skeleton could kill kratos. "Mythology" kratos wasn't even part of only an invention by david jaffe. What kratos could beat superman too? "But he beat a god." Lol

zebramocha2890d ago

Kratos killed hades,death its selve meaning kratos is unstoppable.

Reverent2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@Zebramocha, Hades wouldn't actually have any impact over "death". Hades has control over souls not death.

Granted, Kratos killed Thanatos (god of death) so your point is still relevant.

TrendyGamers2890d ago

I would pay good money for some Ascension DLC that lets you fight Hulk.

Zodiac2890d ago

World War Hulk. Take a look for the answer to this question.

adorie2890d ago

Hulk VS the Illuminati. LMAO epic!

Deadpool6162890d ago

Hulk was said to be "The World Breaker".