Rumored PLAYSTATION Store New Content (US) for 3/20/08

A constantly updated list of rumors (some confirmed) for the new PSN content delivered weekly. Thread cites sources and media related to the game.

This week's updates include:
- Condemned 2: Bloodshot Demo*
- Dark Sector Demo*
- The Darkness DLC*
- Rock Band DLC, "Earache Thrash Pack"
- Rock Band Patch, In-Game Music Store
- PSP Theme [Ape Quest]*
* denotes rumored content

Note: Though this is a forum post, it's not an opinion - it's a collection from many different sources. The information is timely and updated immediately. This source has been approved as an exception on N4G in the past ( because it links to industry professionals.

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Hellsvacancy3954d ago

i hope your right about condemned 2 and dark sector, but goin by wots been on there lately itll b sumthin stupid like more pixel junk wallpapers or pain add-ons, it sucks,theres been nothin on there in aaages... fingers crossed.

belal3954d ago

2 great demos, hope this is true.

Mikelarry3954d ago

a japanese acct and you can get that

masterg3954d ago

I Want DarkSector Demo...
I Wannnaaaa.

Damn now I'm going to be disappointed if it doesn't show up.

lawman11083954d ago

I want that pain game and from what I saw you have to use a debit/credit card.

LJWooly3954d ago

I think you can get them from I'm not sure, though. I just heard it on the forums :)

Alvadr3953d ago

Echochrome sucks.. seriously, I dont see the facination with that tripe.

Wire frame levels and classical music,, WTF. Give me explosions and war!!!

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BeaArthur3954d ago

I'd be excited if those demo rumors were true.

Marceles3954d ago

I hope the demo rumors are true, I really want to try out Dark Sector.

MikeGdaGod3954d ago

yeah i want to see what thats all about

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The story is too old to be commented.