F1 2012 Monza Track Guide

Monza is one the most exciting track on the calendar. Fast and deceptively tricky, it is quite a challenge to put in a nice clean lap and break your previous record.

First of all, the setup is very important. This is a low downforce track, and it is very important to maximise your corner exit speed to exploit the low downforce setup on the straights. The yellow dot on the track, just before Turn 1, is the maximum speed the car will reach. If you hit around 340km/hr+, then you're set for a good...

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The_KELRaTH1983d ago

Low downforce track? Did you not watch Jenson Button win over Vettel for what most think was his best race ever... with a high downforce setup.

burnedsap1983d ago

Those long straights mean that a low downforce setup gets quicker laptimes.

Jenson Button hasn't ever won at Monza....He's finished on the podium twice in the last 3 years though.

The_KELRaTH1982d ago

Apologies you're quite right, my mistake! Don't know why but I was thinking of the Canadian race ooops!!

But I do remember Button chose a high downforce setup for Monza which was considered quite a different approach.

burnedsap1981d ago

The high downforce approach might have paid dividends in race trim, where it would have been easy to overtake in the corners after DRS detection, and then use DRS to keep others from taking back the position on the straights. Combined with the Merc's higher top end power, it would've made sense.