Fable 4: Lionhead seeks Unreal Engine experts with experience "reimagining existing franchises"

"Key contributors on an unannounced title" needed. [OXM]

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Jek_Porkins2034d ago

Fable 4 running on Unreal Engine 4 screams amazing!

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fermcr2033d ago

"Fable 4 running on Unreal Engine 4 screams amazing!"


I just hope it's not a MMO, if so, then NOT INTERESTED.

Jek_Porkins2033d ago

Looks like the Lionhead MMO might be a completely new game, they are looking for someone to "re-imagine" an existing franchise, which is probably Fable 4.

Dr Pepper2033d ago

Well, if it does turn out to be a new Fable, I hope they bring it back to its roots. The first one, although promising more than delivering, still feels like the best Fable game in my opinion. I'm not even sure why, perhaps it's the quest/guild structure, the lack of a modern industry, a better developed level up system, greater variety in powers...

Whatever it was, it is still more of joy for me to go back and play than to put Fable 3 in the disc tray.

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WeedyOne2033d ago

I think I preferred Fable 1 because of the combat system. It was great! Then they changed it to a 1 button combat system for Fable 2 which just felt too easy and drained the fun out for me.

SDF Repellent2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

"The recent appointment of former Cryptic Studios CEO John Needham as studio boss suggests that the new game may be a free-to-play MMO."

I like the idea of a Fable MMO as an always-on line, breathing and living world where events can occur in real time while you are away from your xbox. I think this has the potential of what the original Fable on Xbox was aiming for and more. Can't wait for an announcement, possibly in a week.

Root2033d ago

I hope it goes back to it's roots and is much bigger when it comes to exploring.

I hope they do it so you can build your house anywhere you want and then be allowed to create it in any shape or form you can....maybe expand it into a small village.

They need to bring proper magic back though...none of that magic gauntlet crap. They need to have more magic aswell, it seemed like they kept taking magic out of the game rather then expanding onto it

ThanatosDMC2033d ago

I hope they take out the whole weapons leveling up. I want a loot system. They could copy Darksiders 2.

NYC_Gamer2033d ago

Fable 1 was the best one in my opinion

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