TeamXbox: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

TeamXbox writes: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is Konami's chance to shine; to show Electronic Arts that all of the branding, licensing and fancy physics in the world can't beat plain old soccer intuition. Has Konami shown EA what-for with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008? Um, no, and mainly because there isn't much here that would warrant an additional purchase if a pitch maven already owns Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. For some reason, the evolutionary process has backfired a bit at Takatsuka's laboratory.

Let's start with the licensing. We always begin here in our reviews of EA's football titles, mainly because the licensing is never to be worried about and we want to get the praise out of the way. You can count on all of the right clubs, players and apparel to be well-represented in the FIFA stuff. It was easy not to make a big deal about PES/WE's lack of licensing over the years since its gameplay always outshined the competition, but now that gap is barely as wide as a single lock from Cristiano's bed-head."

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