1UP Reviews Lost in Blue 3

1UP writes: "Staying alive on a deserted island doesn't exactly sound like the easiest thing in the world, even without hit TV show Lost's mysterious smoke monster lurking in the forest. No, Konami's third island survival game has you mostly dealing with the lower tiers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, though that doesn't mean it's boring. While Lost in Blue 3 is about the time-consuming hardships endured by a shipwreck survivor, your perseverance in the face of a possibly tiresome situation results in fruit wrought only from tedious work -- the same type of satisfaction gained from receiving a small reward after a long mob-killing grind in an MMO. I've been known to enjoy a bit of repetition -- so long as it's justified and the payoff's worthwhile -- and as a Harvest Moon fan, I have a high tolerance for Lost in Blue 3's slow and deliberate progression".

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