1UP Reviews Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

1UP writes: "The blockbusting DS has played host to plenty of paradigm-busting nongames and nostalgic retreads, yet original action games that fully embrace the platform's specific proclivities have been exceedingly rare. Thankfully, Dragon Sword -- Team Ninja's inaugural handheld Ninja Gaiden adventure -- dares to radically rethink the series' renowned gameplay in order to create a stunningly new, only-on-DS experience.

Although Gaiden veterans will feel some serious déjà vu scampering through the largely recycled (albeit now more often two-dimensional) environments, Dragon Sword is not intended to be a remake. Instead, it's an epic fetch quest bridging the gap between the first legendary outing and its soon-to-be-released, limb-lopping 360 sequel. Along the way, you'll uncover the true nature of Ryu's Dragon Sword and amass a bevy of mystical Dragonstones...but the only truly meaty reveal comes in the form of Momiji, Ryu's nubile female sparring partner. You actually get to control this buxom ninja during the game's opening stage, and mastering her streamlined arsenal allows you to segue nicely into Ryu's whirling, combo-heavy ninjutsu insanity".

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PS360WII3867d ago

Good score and only one week away ^^

CrazedFiend3867d ago

I'm playing it now, it is NICE!!!

But if you've got a Wii, you should also be able to download the demo.

I was playing the demo when I realized it was coming out today. I ran my ass right over there and picked one up (^o^)

PS360WII3867d ago

? I just picked up Hot Shots Golf yesterday and they said Ninja Gaiden DS isn't out till next week! Plus I didn't know the DS demo channel was released on the Wii already? Man I feel behind the times already ><

CrazedFiend3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Sorry, I live in Japan.
But trust me, you gotta get this one!