Microsoft in GTA IV Panic

This article at Gameplayer asks the question "Could Rockstar's big gun decide the console war" in which they argue that a chain of events suggest that Microsoft are worried that GTA IV could see the Xbox 360 lose the fight.

"We heard something the other day, a line of dialogue that must scare Microsoft to death. It came from the mouth of a twenty something electrician as he installed a car stereo for a mate. He said "I bought my PS3 to play GTA IV".

That wasn't the comment of a fanboy, or an educated decision by a gaming enthusiast who had weighed up all the pros and cons of the two systems: it was simply all he knew. There was a GTA coming out, so he went and bought a PlayStation. Microsoft is desperate to change that mentality, but what started as a broad plan has seemingly deteriorated into panic. Here's how…"

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Lord Anubis3867d ago

well i guess sony was right, those who bought GTA on ps2 will buy it for PS3.

sonarus3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

offcourse msoft knows it. They know they have to work twice as hard to snatch away that mindshare of playstation and GTA4. To be fair they are working hard, but they are definitely annoying the $hit out of me with it too. Msofts best shot is to hit with a price drop so ridiculous gamers have no choice but to switch sides. Sony can never drop their price as low as the 360 can.

On the other hand sony still has to drop their price. Even a 50 dollar price drop is enough to make that difference. And sony still has the advantage of a blu ray player and free online service. Even better if they can raise the hype for home because home is something i can see appealing to a lot of casual gamers.

The real point is. Sure if you have a 360 go get GTA4 on 360 but for gamers who played GTA4 on their ps2 and who haven't decided on next gen yet its going to be really hard for msoft to sway them. Gamer pics won't do it and neither will msoft points. DLC to some but in reality their best bet is price of console. I still see ps3 hardware sales seeing a bigger boost from GTA4 than 360. Granted 360 will sell more software but ps3 will sell more hardware

Like he said "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 could very well be f*cked."

3867d ago
TheSadTruth3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

get a life

I feel sad for people like you, why does it even matter what console someone plays a multi platform game on? Seriously sad man. Why do you feel the need to pledge devotion to a video game console at all? Let people buy whatever they want. It's a piece of hardware, go outside, get a job or get some friends, maybe a girlfriend.

MikeGdaGod3867d ago

GTA4, MGS4, GTP are quite a combo!!!

sonarus3867d ago

yep this site has turned into a site where its all about console allegiance. Despite the fact i own both consoles, i would be lying to myself if i said i was right smack in the middle. I am here to play games and the console that provides the games i want to play is my console of choice. My favourite games of all time stand exclusive to the ps3. If not all of them 90% of them.

So when i am picking sides, it has nothing to do with my loyalty to sony it is my love for their games. Their new ip's havn't been as epic but with games like socom, MGS4 GOW3, FF13, GT5, Team ico games (especially team ico games). I wouldn't buy every game made by kojima even though the mgs series is my fav of all time. But i would by anythin made by team ico. Those guys games are always a breath of fresh air. Always thinking out of the box.

Jeebs3867d ago

@Sonarus, RE: your last comment.
I completely agree with you there. A lot of people will be buying PS3s to play GTAiv because of the mentality that "Grand Theft Auto was big on PS2". Microsoft spent a lot of money for exclusivity on the DLC, but if you think of it, how does the gamer benefit? You get extra content in the game, but I highly doubt that it'll be available for free on xBox Live. Microsoft will definitely have to charge some cash if they're thinking of making any money off of this game. Panic mode is an understatement for them.

playinitcool3867d ago

"Microsoft’s Xbox 360 could very well be fu#ked"
i laughed out loud and the boss looked over at my desk after reading that :P

Bloodwar3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Microsoft very well could have smashed the Television airwaves with a commercial that would claim what we know here online. Yes, the individuals who own only one system or can only afford one system, that is one thing. If the "casual crowd" is only waiting for that one game and it happens to be GTA IV and they have not a clue that the better version of the game is going to be on Xbox 360, then Microsoft is going to have a serious problem swaying them over to the 360, but they can dampen the effect and sway a million or more, I would guess by hitting the airwaves hard like they did with Halo 3. Throwing in the name PS 3 and Xbox 360 and mentioning that ONLY on the 360 version will the players be blessed with a larger ground to play on, more missions, episodic content. If MS has been playing their cards right then that is the last piece of the arsenal that hopefully they will have ready some time in April. That is the final phase of the attack and it could work if Microsoft has already worked that out.

NO_PUDding3866d ago

I am tired of weighing up Microsoft's awful business tactics against Sony's long term strategy. It's obvious to everyone here, even the 360 supporters realise that PS3 is in it for the long run, and will therefore at some point be getting GTA IV Volume 2 exclusive. Rockstar said after GTA IV they wanted to go Sony exclusive anyway.

Now I think 360 has excelled itself, and the 360 might live to see the second iteration of GTA IV multi platform (credit where credit's due) but I certainly think that the previous generation has taught people that PlayStation is the home of GTA. No matter what people say, the 360 is on very unfair grounds. And Pachter is wrong like always the majority will sell on the PS3 if you ask me. Happened with Devil May Cry 4, and it will happen with GTA IV.

And by the second iteration, the 360 will be the option if you own a 360 still, and you STILL can't afford a PS3.

mesh13866d ago

i have a ps2 and will never buy a ps3 for gta cause i was told it it wont run well by my friends and most of my friends are buying 360 for this game and it also has 2 major new map section additions coming in the massive dlc and also i read in a mag that the 360 version looks more vibrant and sharper can any 1 confirm thi sas im not sure ?

Lifendz3866d ago

but don't expect MS to stand pat on this. Expect a major ad campaign with the 360 logo at the end. Sony's going to have to unleash the next slew of PS3 commercials to counter this. Maybe show Resistance 2 footage, GT5, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, and (of course) GTA 4.

jollygoodchap83866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I'm pretty sure MS will have a GTAIV TV spot somewhere with the "Only on the 360" logo on it.

A lot game TV spots are doing that now, even when its not exclusive. I'm sure a lot non-gamers will see those too somewhere down the line.

But yeah, I heard the same thing from people in my class.

As for me, I pre-ordered mine on the PS3. My GF just assumed it was only on the PS3 and I told her it was on both...but she wanted it on the PS3 anyway, because the controller felt more "natural" to her(she played hell out of Vice city, San Andreas, and GTA III BTW) She said didn't want to change and memorize a whole new controller scheme.

Go figure...she's as casual as it gets.

whoelse3866d ago

Yeah, GTA is associated with the PlayStation brand so PS2 owners are likely to buy a PS3 to carry on the GTA experience. They know nothing about the extra dlc, but i dont think they would care much anyway. They could also be looking into the future and see that the PS3 has more potential as a games console with the growing list of games.

The Killer3866d ago

what make people come to this conclusion?
they will be equal or only a very slight advantage to one version which can be ps3!!

if u really care about DLC then get the 360 version and be prepared to pay for it if not then ps3 version, by the way ps3 will also get DLC for FREE.

Sarick3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Although I'm more a PS3 owner and will buy the PS3 version I see MS pulling a fast getaway here. Don't get me wrong I do agree that people would follow the branding. It's just people aren't realising how desperate situations can cause desperate measures. Let me explain please.

IMHO, A few weeks before GTA4 launch MS will plaster the TV networks with advertisements of GTA4. These adds will point out the exclusive episodic content and benefits only available to the 360 version.

I'm sure MS will do everything in their power to educate the casual market that the 360 version will include those special features. Even placing console spacific advertisements showing the 360's starting at $. Hell they might even make a console bundle advertisements incorporating the console and game together in one package promotion.

It scares me that this war is starting to pit a game against itself to farther the market share of the console it's developed on.

At least PS3 owners will be getting LA Noir. ;)

HighDefinition3866d ago

just bought a ps3 for GTAIV.

GTAIV is already selling PS3s.

gaffyh3866d ago

This guy was quite biased to Sony, although most of what he says is true, I don't think that Sony or Microsoft will win the console war over this game. Most likely we will see an even number of sales for the game on both consoles.

Jack Meahoffer3866d ago

Fanboy wishful thinking.

If you love GTA more than you love your piece of hardware then you'll buy the version with the most content. You don't even know what the content is yet and you're saying it doesn't matter. Wait till its revealed and your green with envy... How you going to spin that?

You fanboys can let your emotion blind you and try to spin it anyway you want but at the end of the day GTA IV will sell double the units on 360 not just because of install base difference but because of the DLC.

This article is an example of desperate Sony fans worried about the loss of GTA exclusivity and are trying to turn it around on MS.

GTA launched the PS2 into massive market share and now its gone multiplatform so you're so scared you're trying to hype up garbage like The Getaway when every single game in that series sucked majorily compared to the greatness of GTA.

Go cry to mommy when the sales figures come in. Sad bunch you are...

lawman11083866d ago

17.5 million 360 vs 10.8 million PS3

For EVERY 1 PS3 game sold 7 360 games are sold

The 360 has 34 over 1 million sellers

The PS3 has 9 btw uncharted sold 1.35 viva Pinata? 1.2 talk about WEAK! so I really dont think MS has alot to worry about plus the 360 is going to drop $100 bucks too.

socsca3866d ago

Agree, completely, very well said. Though I myself don't share your preference percentage I do share your perspective on console preference, the one with the games I like gets the most attention. Right now it's the ps3 because I bought cod4 for it, but before that it was almost exclusively the 360 bc of GeoW. When Ng2 comes out I'll switch back, and when GOW3 comes out its back again and so on...

ocha843866d ago

My brother just bought the PS3 so he can play GTA~ i also own a PS3. Who in this world completed 100% of GTA??? not may~~ so why the hell do u need extra DLC???

sonarus3866d ago

@Jack Meahoffer. Its pretty much a sure thing 70%of GTA4 owners won't buy that DLC. Msoft could have invested that 50 mill into a new game but allowed rockstar to take them for a ride. There are already rumors rockstar wants to go ps3 exclusive after this, now if that happens, expect such an announcement to far eclipse and dlc msoft has planned.

like i said gta4 will sell more software on 360 especially in NA. I see GTA4 selling more software on PS3 in EU and overall i see the ps3 receiving a bigger boost in hardware sales than the 360 overall during GTA4 launch (junior analyst in the making lol) when the game hits, we will see. Regardless msoft has put way too much focus on GTA4 and all that crap about only a 360 logo appearing in the commercial doesn't mean anything because when you go to buy it the ps3 version is quite present. Plus i want to also believe sony has a plan behind this.

i have a ps2 and will never buy a 360 for gta cause i was told it will fail and have RROD by my friends. Plus i don't really know what the DLC is. I am mostly satisfied with just playing the game. I also heard ps3 version has warmer colors, i like warmer colors.

If the avg joe has heard of 360 dlc he has prob also heard of RROD

nix3866d ago

we're talking average joe here... not fanboys! we know you are "special" . q:

CrazzyMan3866d ago

DMC4 x360 version outsold ps3 version ONLY by 50-60k in USA according to NPD. )
While the game sold better in Europe and Japan on PS3. )

The sales of GTA4 will be really interesting, the chance of PS3 to outsell x360 in NA may mean the end for x360. =)
Well we will know only by the middle of may, when NPD data will come. 2 month to go. =)

Primetimebt3866d ago

One comerical of GTA4 and GT5 and sony easily takes the cake.

season0073866d ago

msoft put "GTA IV, exclusive downloadable content ONLY on xbox 360(applicable fee might be charged)"... i mean omg LOL...

and i don't think they can even put it on their ad, since PS3 is getting some other DLC too in maybe they can do like what, i dunno tweak the word and somehow still say they get LIMITED exclusive content? (ok again NOT free of charge...)

theredfoxisquick3866d ago

ocha84 i agree with you. the dlc is a complete moot point in my opinion. i never finished the gta games all the way.

xandmar3866d ago

You said in one post:

Despite the fact i own both consoles,

Then in another post:

i have a ps2 and will never buy a 360 for gta cause i was told it will fail and have RROD by my friends.

Had me a little confused. Care to elaborate?

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Brian52473867d ago

I wonder how many people will have this mindset, being GTA has always been a Playstation franchise (after GTA III, of course). I guess we'll see, I think the numbers will be about even.

Jeebs3867d ago

The numbers will definitely not be even.
As a PS3 gamer, I think xbox will sell more, but Sony will probably benefit from the customers who do not currently have a system who will buy a PS3 to play this game.

BrianC62343867d ago

That was a well written article. But he missed something big. What exactly is the 360 version getting for all that money Microsoft spent? I still don't see anything about what the 360 version is getting that the PS3 version isn't getting. Is it just a few more missions? If so the missions are my least liked feature anyway. Most are too easy and you only do them to get more of the game opened up.

I just don't see a good reason gamers should put up with the RROD just to get some extra features.

NO_PUDding3866d ago

I hate it when people talk about their friends, because you can completely make stuff up about friends. And maybe this pre-hypothesis introduction will make me seem even less credible but:

I actually have many real friends, ones who game that is. And if I were to use them as a basis for my hypothesis, I can tell you very positively including me that 3/6 of them have 360's. 1/3 of these is aware of GTA IV coming out on his console of choice and 0/3 are going to get GTA IV on the 360. 1/6 (this is me) have a PS3 and I am going to get GTA IV first day. Another 1/6 is aware it's on both consoles, but wants a PS3 for his version. The final 6th belongs to someone who doesn't give a crap about GTA he mainly wants a Wii and will buy a PS3 when FF13 arrives.

3 360 owners = 0/3 GTA IV Purchases

2 [prospective] PS3 owners = 2/3 GTA IV Purchases

1 [prospective] Wii owner = Not really involved technically.

Now those are pretty bad odds for GTA IV on the 360 if you ask me.

Phil Harrison Mk43866d ago

The PS3 is only £269.99 in the U.K now ;-P
(Argos are doing it at that price for Easter)

iAmPS33866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

gonna disagree Nazisoft is here to:

Kleptic3866d ago

Jeebs... I agree...

I have always seen GTAIV as a title that can shift a whole pile of PS3's...and possibly not as many 360s...but the PS3 is just barely over half of the 360's installed you can figure just about everything single 360 owner will buy GTA IV...the PS3 doesn't really have a chance in that regard...

but, considering MGS4 is just around the corner also, Sony is in a far greater position for moving systems this spring/summer than MS...with the rrod problems still running wild...the fact that the general public finds the PS3's lineup far more inticing (that is exactly what this article is about...its not just GTA that is associated with the PS brand...GT, MGS, GOW, FF, etc...they are all on the immediate horizon)...

the big question is what Sony does...Sony is also in a perfectly good position to drop the price of the PS3 for GTAIV, or MGS4 also...If MS does drop the 360 price in the US significantly, Sony could get royally pummeled in April...but Sony would most likely match that...this article was correct imo though...the only thing MS should have focused on was the price of the system...the DLC is only ammo for fanboys in terms of sales...while many will enjoy it, it is not something that will broaden the 360's all...

doodle3866d ago

DO you even think a GTA fan who has been a PS1 and well as PS2 owner would choose x360 over a PS3.

especially considering the fact that GTA is also coming to PS3 along with MGS4 (another favourite of those same gamers)

for MS and x360 everything is finished

BLUR1113866d ago

Yes sony owns GTA??... but ya know i enjoy playing the 1st metal gear solid and final fantasy on the nes. oh wait they were on nintendo way before sony thought of to enter the gaming market. ohhhh yeah ok lol

liquidsnake3866d ago

LoL, you haven't played MGS on NES, couse otherwise you would've known its MG not MGS.


BLUR1113866d ago

you just said (you haven't played MGS on NES) u just pwned yourself. anyways whats the fucing name of it since then? metal gear SOLID, the hell ever and final fantasy 7 came to the ps1 oh sorry you want to me to put a numerul number with that also?

pimpinal883866d ago

The number of GTA games sold will probably be the same. But...PS3 will sell many more consoles with the game, and the future exclusives.

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Big Jim3867d ago

I honestly don't understand your post. Are you saying GTA4 is not casual?

sonarus3867d ago

oh did you think it was for the hardcore? GTA4 is a game anyone can play. ANYONE. Hardcore, casual it really doesn't matter because the concept is here is a city now do with it as you like. No missions necessary no objectives, no pressure from achievements or to finish the game. Just run around in a city. GTA4 is just as casual as guitar hero and rockband.

The hardcore gamers will be the best at it but the casuals will have the most fun playing it

SlappingOysters3867d ago

It's not a casual game like SingStar, but it is its appeal to the casual gamer (as well as the hardcore) that saw each GTA eclipse 10,000,000 sales.

I would say GTA may have turned a lot of casuals into hardcore, though.

Homicide3867d ago

Grand Theft Auto attracts both casual and hardcore games. Same thing goes for Mario games. And when people hear Grand Theft Auto, they think of Playstation. Microsoft should be worried.

Marceles3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Round Peg...paying attention to the Wii casual trends this gen doesn't mean anything when it comes to the GTA series. There's a reason why each game is on the top of the best sellers list on the PS2...and it's not because it's casual or hardcore. This same person who bought a PS3 for GTA is the same person who doesn't know (and probably doesn't care) about the DLC on the 360 version. Casual gamers that buy GTA don't even care about the missions...they just like to walk up to someone, punch them in the face, get a star, steal a car, and see how long they can last against the cops....that's $60 of well spent money for them.

Lifendz3866d ago

not the casual nor the hardcore. GTAIV is a cultural phenom in America. There are people who bought PS2s just for that game. The same will happen this gen.

kosha3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

alot of people will be bying a ps3 for gta4 because thats what they accosiate the name with. Most people dont know that there is exclusive content on the 360 and alot of people dont care

wallace10003866d ago

GTA has always been a casual game. It is one of the ultimate sitting around with some friends having a few beers, "lets run a few people over and do some jumps" before we head out game.

rareairtone3866d ago

How do you figure it's only for the mainstream? The GTA intellectual property can't be categorized into one category of anything, especially GTA IV. We give it the sandbox game labeling but what does that mean? what does that tell a person who sees that? If we came up with that name before GTA we'd have no idea what it meant, except that there was an open world. We wouldn't know what abilities and opportunities should appear in a game like that. That's why we say GTA has "defined a genre" but even still "sandbox" doesn't cover all that GTA has to offer. ALso in terms of what types of gamer it attracts, that can't be put in one category, because both casual and hardcore gamers like the game as well as mainstreamers who mainly play games at others' houses or barely their own, although hardcore gamers probably really won't like the controls until this iteration, including me. Its all three of the types that you mention, because it has become a mainstream thing with all the publicity it has garnered and most if not every type of gamer plays it.

I'm not on the game's nuts or anything but one can't quite put GTA, let alone GTA IV into one category of game type nor share of the game market.

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SlappingOysters3867d ago

how many people have been waiting for GTA IV before they buy a console. Lots I would think

MikeGdaGod3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

it would be interesting if sony did something to try to even things out.

what if they allowed the "Remote Play" feature for this game?

wouldn't that be something!

Lifendz3866d ago

I used it for the first time yesterday and loved it. My PSP is now an extension of my PS3. That's very cool.

AceLuby3866d ago

I think a lot of people are waiting to get a PS3 until GTA comes out (now hear me out before you go stealing my bubbles ;).

If you're planning on getting the 360 version, why wait? A possible price drop (if you know about the rumor you probably already have it...)? It's the only game you like (not probable, most people at least like 'one' other franchise)?

From what I can see if you want the 360 version you would get an arcade or pro system now, play the great games and exclusives on it now, and not wait until GTA (a multi-plat) comes out.

However, on the other hand if you like MGS, or Gran Turismo, or FF (all synonymous w/ the PS brand), but also like GTA, than you are probably waiting for one of the games you like to come out before purchasing.

I just don't think there's a whole lot for old xbox/PS2 owners to be waiting for if they want the 360 version.

Mr_Kuwabara3867d ago

GTA = PS3 PS3 = GTA, and this makes the world whole.

It's t3h darksidz!

Hehe j/k