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"Say what you will about the 80s, the Me generation had board games on lock. Aside from undisputed heavyweights of the era like Axis and Allies and Pictionary, a slew of great turn-based proto-RPGs riding the Dungeons and Dragons wave captured the imaginations of hardcore gamers as never before. Gaming in general has changed much since then, but the appeal of these oldies doesn't seem lost: over thirty years later, many are being dusted off and lovingly ported to mobile. I've already reviewed Dark Quest, an exemplar conversion of the late-80s dungeon-crawler HeroQuest, but now there's a new (old) kid in town. Talisman, the turn-based adventure board game from Games Workshop, is now available for Android in the form of Talisman Prologue HD."

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callahan092076d ago

The intro paragraph here is totally right. That era had so many fun board games. I loved HeroQuest myself, but Talisman was great too. I didn't realize they were adapting these to computerized play format. I might give them a try... But one thing I like about tabletop games is that you're not beholden to the rules engine implemented by the code, you can change it up however you want to make it the most enjoyable experience for you and your group. Videogames are more restrictive in that regard. Board games appeal to me because I can house-rule/home-brew them and modify the rules structures I find unappealing. You can't circumvent the code in a computer game.

hcjames2076d ago

I agree, homebrew is one of the best parts of table-top gaming and it's a damn shame it gets lost in the transition to digital. Still, you can't really haul around a whole board game in your pocket and start it up on the fly, and these apps go for a fraction of the cost of their physical counterparts. Does make me wonder if there's a market for a mod-friendly board game app... though the idea sounds so niche it'd likely be a labor of love and/or open source, something like AnkiDroid. Thanks for reading!