Game Revolution: Singstar 90's Review

Game Revolution writes: "Singstar 90s, which is absolutely identical to the other Singstar games in everything but the track list, has censored Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby" yet has left Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" untouched.

Not that I have a problem with "Baby Got Back", but the line - "rap star's girlfriend" with the butt that's "out there" is "just so black!" - which was ironic and funny when the song was released but is now embarrassingly uncomfortable when sung by non-black singers in a video game, is just more touchy than anything in Vanilla Ice's anthem. I understand I'm supposed to be pretending to be Becky's gossipy white friend, but what might be ironic parody for a black artist loses some of its irony in the mouths of white kids playing a game. "SingStar: Tupac Edition" was discontinued for the same reason."

+ 90s is a familar decade
+ Same excellent interface
+ Good party tracks

- Still can't turn down original vocals
- Still can't use other brand mics
- Censored Vanilla Ice?

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