IGN reviews Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

If you haven't checked out any of the Metal Gear Solid titles before, and are slightly curious about the franchise before the final chapter is released on June 12th, The Essential Collection is a great way to quickly catch up on what you've missed. For thirty dollars, you're receiving three classic action titles, which is a great value. However, if you have played or own the previous titles (especially the two remakes on the PS2), you might be hard pressed to justify why you need to run out and collect this set.

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niall773867d ago

well done IGN for that good bit of reviewership.

DrPirate3867d ago

Honestly, this collection is for people who want to get MGS4 and catch the whole story before it comes.

It's for people who haven't played the other games.

RJ20003866d ago

They better turn into hardcore gamers if they havne't played this series before... Those 3 games are all pretty lengthy.

BilI Gates3867d ago

Is there a point in reviewing things like this?

Alvadr3867d ago

I was thinking the same thing

HeroOfCows3867d ago

I'm wondering...I have Subsistence, but no other MGS games. I'm not very interested in the bonus features though, and probably won't miss the original Metal Gear games. Should I trade it in, and buy this collection? Or should I find Substance used and wait till the original is on PSN?

XxRoosterxX3867d ago

I would trade in subsistance and get the collection since you don't care about the bonus stuff on disc 2. Plus the collection is only $30!!!

barom3867d ago

i would just keep it and get the collection.

I don't think you'll get that much money for Subsistence. Though if you really really have to. I would trade it.

ryuyasho3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

all MGS, including Subs 2 & 3, and I'll definetly buy this collection cause it deserves my hardworked $30 bucks. I wouldn't care if it cost up to $ 50, I'd still buy it. how bout you boys and girls...

liquidsnake3867d ago

I have all the games, but Im still gonna buy this couse I just love MGS.

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Yi-Long3867d ago

... they really should make HD remakes of all 3 of those games, and release it on PS3.

tweaker3867d ago

I agree. That's certainly a great idea. Kojima said MGS4 would be the last of the series, maybe they should give us remakes of the old one in HD with the MGS4 engine. I'd sh!t my pants.

rawd3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Then they should include diapers!

Kidding, I want a HD remake collection too :|

Sev3866d ago

I would physically murder for a HD PS3 remake collection

ryuyasho3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

just the thought if it makes my sh!t of happiness...

"Snake: The MG Saga: Complete Remake HD Limited Edition with TP and Diaper included. Coming soon to a Video Game Store near you. DON'T MISS IT!!!". - Hollywood Styled Ad

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