Behold the powerups of Metal Gear Solid

Gamer Limit writes "In what many call the first cinematic video game experience, Metal Gear Solid truly sets the mold for immersive gaming experiences to come."

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chrisjc3492d ago

I remember when I got my hands on the binoculars for the first time.

I spent like an hour messing with them!

SkankinGarbage3492d ago

I personally had the most fun with the box...

Fullish3492d ago

I think everyone did, i have developed a box fetish from MGS.

Cloud-14093492d ago

Yeah. Love that, game. Although the Twin Snakes remake was pretty badass too. But i prefer the PlayStation controller over the GameCube one. For MGS anyway. Meryl was hot.

syvergy3492d ago

MGS always had the best items.

George Sears3492d ago

It was funny when Snake pointed at his bandanna and said to Raiden "Infinite ammo".

I was like WTF, Kojima made that canon?

mastemikegee3491d ago

Love the fact that Kojima always puts little things in the game to let you know that it's a game at the end. even the characters know it :)

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