How To Rip Off Nintendo's Marketing

If you want to know just what kind of effect Nintendo's winning marketing strategies are having on their competitors, look at this...

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vagina3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

WOW! and did you see how Burger King also ripped off McDonalds... I mean they both sell hamburgers... HOLY JESUS! Or how about how K-Mart ripped off Wal-Mart... Crazytown!

BrianC62343959d ago

I'm no Microsoft fan but this story is just plain stupid. The photos look nothing alike. Does Nintendo own patents on the ideas shown in this garbage? I can't believe anyone is lame enough to spend the time to write that garbage.

feejo3959d ago

They have no winning marketing, it is just people like (I am not talking gamers here, but people) to wave a remote control over a Atari 2600 kinda graphic, and tell their friends they can beat the computer 1-0 at baseball.

iAmPS33959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Nazisoft is copying something?
That is impossible, how could they?

Always releasing hardware and software so original that..........

...nobody wants to copy.