Metal Gear Solid Mobile reviewed by 1UP

Metal Gear Solid Mobile definitely takes risks on the mobile platform, but the gamble pays off. It runs smoothly, and despite the notable absence of much of the series' music and all of the voice acting, MGS Mobile has nearly everything you'd want from an original MGS. It's good to know that you don't need top-secret military hardware to deliver a fully functional mini-Metal Gear.

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whoelse3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Basically, its out now to advertise MGS4.

Avto3862d ago

Basically this is a must have if you have a good enough cellphone

The Closing3862d ago

And all I can sey is hellsa ya! I didn't even know my phone was capable of this. Wow. This is so good!

Frostlord3862d ago

Is this game going to have any storyline related to the mgs saga?