Liner Notes XIX: The paranoiac beats of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

(Editor’s note: From Metal Gear Solid to Tenchu, everyone’s got at least one videogame tune stuck in their heads. Enter Liner Notes: a Pixelitis feature in which our writers discuss their favorite videogame soundtracks.)

"Forget that Sam Fisher had ever turned into a disgruntled ex-agent with nothing to lose. Before all that, the wise-cracking stealth operative snuck his way into one of 2005′s greatest games, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Ubisoft Montreal tapped Brazilian electronica maestro Amon Tobin to craft the music for the third entry in the stealth action series. You could tell that the company was proud of the soundtrack, given that the album was released two months before the game was even out."

- Patrick Kulikowski

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EvilFluff912950d ago

To this day I still find myself humming the tune from the cargo ship level, great game and great soundtrack :)

Dr Pepper2950d ago

The ambient/subtle music was (and still it) always nice to listen to in the first 3 games. Perfect for setting the stealthy mood, while not overpowering the other aspects of the game (unless you got caught, then that music blared adding nicely to the chaos).

ape0072950d ago

chaos of the greatest games ever

MAULxx2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Im not a big SC fan but I own the game because of the soundtrack. I was into electronic music at the time & buying Tobin albums. Never finished the game. Maybe I should have just bought the OST. I just get impatient with sneaky deaky games in general.