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G.O.W. banned in Germany

A few months ago there was trouble over Dead Rising in Germany, getting into trouble for its excessive violence. Now it appears that Epic's upcoming horror-shooter, Gears of War, will be banned from the German market.
German USK, responsible for videogame ratings, refused to give the game a rating, despite several submissions from Microsoft. Microsoft and Epic decided not to make a less-violent version for the German market because it would "fundamentally change the gameplay", resulting in compatibility issues with different versions on Xbox Live.

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MJ230076453d ago

This is what happens when you live under a socialistic government, this is what the democrats want for us in the US. Soon u too wont be able to play GOW

dikturbo6453d ago (Edited 6453d ago )

Not the Democrats, it would be the bible thumping Republicans that would enact a fool censorship ruling like that. The Republicans are so far up the church's ass you don't know where the head begins.
I agree with the comment though. This is not good for gaming in general.

Anyone else getting the hypocrisy of the former nazi regime restricting a violent game. Life offers us such cruel irony. Import it I guess.

willymcd6453d ago

i agree christian conservatives are trying to destroy progress and censure everything.
and the bad thing is that the majority in political office, are strongly influenced by religion, even the Democrats, $crew Democrats and republicans, start voting for independents.
but there is another force along with religion and the fcc, irrational mothers who look past their bad parenting and blame media. Then there are really just those psychos out there who really might start killing people with an umbrella because he saw it on dead rising. but the dude is obviously a nut, just because a game gives an idea how to kill someone doesn't mean the game is telling him killing is good, you have to be a nut to get that idea. It really is irrational to ban a game like gears of war, or any game for that matter.

zonetrooper56453d ago

Wow they are very tough on video games in germany aren't they, well its very unlucky for some german gamers.

Yo Wassap6452d ago

You should read the article in the Guinness Book of Records 2000 about graphical display laws in Germany. Obviously they've changed a bit since then but the escence is still there:

"Most Rigorous Sofware Regulations:
Germany has regulations stipulating that blood shown on computer games be green, and that victims that are likely to end up getting killed are portrayed as zombies, or as far from human as possible"

That's from the GBoR 200-, page 168 in the Technology section

Marriot VP6453d ago

Can't germany ever get a break, what did they ever do to us.

Ohh shoot, nevermind.

The thing to stop this game from being in Germany is from the incredible blood effects of it shooting out of bodies and when you chainsaw you get a screen splattered with blood drops. Yah I can see why, but this is totally retarded of them or any country to come down so hard video game wise. Unless it encourages racism or bad ethics it should be allowed.

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zonetrooper56453d ago

They would be crying as i keep on killing them over and over again but now i don't have to listen to them over the headset as they will cry themselves to sleep this november.