Morality Systems Need to be More Complex

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''This generation has seen decision-making and morality systems play major parts in a lot of games. The likes of Mass Effect, The Witcher 2 and Fallout 3 have all featured them in some shape or form. While all three games are ‘good’ examples of morality systems, they all tend to suffer from the same issue–and it’s an issue that affects almost every single game with a system of this nature.''

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dedicatedtogamers1988d ago

Morality systems need to offer better consequences. The morality in inFamous 1 and 2 is by no means "complex", but it was effective because when you were evil, you were EVIL. Your powers were evil. The missions you did were evil. The citizens feared and hated you and would actively boo you and attack you. The ending you got was evil. The same goes for the "good" path. It was a lot more in-depth than something like Fallout where there were a lot of different dialog options but ultimately it didn't matter if you killed someone, robbed someone, or acted like their friend because you could simply go to another town and be nice enough to balance out the negative karma.

uncharted561988d ago

I agree but for that I think you will have to make an extensive script because in a game with choices I feel like there should be consequences for each choice. Mass Effect series minus the ending did this to some extent making you think that each and every choice actually mattered.Infamous did the same where you would get different missions based on your karma and endings. But imo Witcher 2 did it the best where depending on the choices you not only had different endings where some details would change but at least for one act you would be in a total different town plus you had many different branching choices which would fail a quest and give you another one that was previously not possible. But I seriously think Witcher 3 will be the game that will take all of these choice based story to a completely new level and become the benchmark.

Linko641988d ago

I whole heartily agree that The Wither franchise is the way forward in terms of morality systems

Dr Pepper1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It's important to remember that the developers still want to tell a specific story. While there were choices that led to different locations and different events to experience in The Witcher 2, the game still ended with the same scenario regardless of your previous actions (like Mass Effect, which you kind of compared it to).

The Witcher 3 may have wildly different endings, but I hope people aren't seriously disappointed if it doesn't. The designers still have a vision of where they want the character to go in his journey, regardless of how they talk about a player choosing his/her own path. After all, the franchise is based on a predetermined character from a book series (and they aren't the "choose your own adventure" type).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1988d ago

This is precisely the issue.

The people who design the game want to tell a basic story at least, so no matter how complex a choice system you make, some parts MUST still be the same else it'll become a mess. Making a game where it's COMPLETELY choice-driven is extremely hard.

uncharted561988d ago

Yeah I agree with your point but what I meant was that based on the choices make they should give you different missions, different locations and characters and an ending different. An example would be infamous where I am evil, I should have different missions from the good path meet different characters from the good path and get powers specific to evil playthrough which I can then use to get to certain locations which would had not been possible if I was doing the good playthrough and vice verse.