Video Chat for Resistance!

Video Chat has been confirmed and possibly the new eye toy will be available at launch.

nstott6256d ago

If Sony/insomniac has figured out a way to have video chat (even with only one other person) during a 40 person death match than they have one upped xbox live. I doubt this is the case, it's probably just postgame/pregame video chat.

Tut6256d ago

Eh Picture-in-Picture could be possible. That would be fun hahahaha.

I doubt that is the case though. =(

THWIP6256d ago

It's possible with the 360 Vision cam as well, but hasn't been implemented yet. Expect some announcements soon from MS on that front. ;)

nstott6256d ago

It's possible for the 360, but resistance will be the first game to implement it. Of course, that is if it actually does it.

Retard6256d ago

I'll only get it if it runs while a game plays too though.

BIadestarX6256d ago

mmm... I am very interested to see how they managed to allow 40 players, video chat, voice chat and yet have no lag. I can't wait to see how this play out.

12Volt6256d ago

but optical internet providers are coming soon so it dont matter, the future is bright people!

THWIP6256d ago

is not something that will be used by the masses, this gen anyway. Hell, standard broadband is only just now becoming cheap enough to be considered moderately mainstream. Optical, like HDMI, 1080p, and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, is something better suited for NEXT next-gen gaming.

Silverwolf6256d ago

want to see how you can have 40 PIP on-screen and still be able to see what the hell's going on!

zypher6256d ago

well, i ain't here to debate the ramifications of whats possible or impossible. if Sony and Insomniac feel confident that they can do it then i say kudos, even though i don't game online enough for it to be that much of a useful feature for me.

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