Samsung Galaxy S4 Opens New Mobile Gaming Options For Gameloft

Forbes - Game publisher and developer Gameloft has thrown its support behind the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The game maker has been active across all mobile platforms and was a primary backer for Apple’s launches of iPhone and iPad, as well as new Google Android phones and tablets over the years.

The game developer, which recently opened a studio in New Orleans, has focused on a mass market gaming audiences through Hollywood licenses like Iron Man 3, Epic and Ice Age Village and franchises like Asphalt, Real Football and The Oregon Trail: Settlers. The publisher already has 13 games available for the Galaxy S4, including Asphalt 7: Heat.

jagiii4054d ago

The games on Galaxy S4 look amazing and connecting to an HD TV is awesome.

zeal0us4054d ago

Honestly the games look the same like they do on every other high-end phones. Sure the phone is sporting the fastest Snapdragon 600 chip(currently) but gaming isn't going to be that different compared to gaming on Optiminus G, Note 2, One, Droid DNA or Xperia Z.

LAWSON724053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Well on a hd 1080p tv they would look better with the higher res, but yes odds are games look the same on any other phone

Lucreto4054d ago

Good for them. Unless it is free I won't get it.

I will never pay for a mobile game.

jeffgoldwin4054d ago

Obama games ftw! lol just kidding, your opinion is totally irrelevant to any game maker and doubtful if anyone here cares either, but thanks for sharing!

Sanquine904054d ago

It looks good but.... I needs buttons:S and i dont see someone paying big amounts for this game. Thats the problem with mobile gaming and all those casuals

AllroundGamer4054d ago

they will sell this neat gamepad with it - http://www.knowyourmobile.c... . At least for all the emulators :)

jeffgoldwin4054d ago

Moga cell phone game pad sounds like what you need to look at. I mean if you wanna game on the go. If not, obviously consoles and pc games are better.


4054d ago
LAWSON724053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I am so excited to get the s4 soon because my droid x2 is frustrating to use anymore and i just want to throw it out a window. I am not really into mobile racing games and if i want to play one I play forza 4.


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TheEnigma313161d ago

another one bites the dust. When will these companies learn gaming isn't that easy to break into.

crazyCoconuts161d ago

but this one has such a catchy logo /s

DOMination-161d ago

Seems a bit harsh. It's just an accessory for their app on smart tvs and monitors. Maybe Samsung have bigger plans down the line but I don't think anyone is expecting this product to change the world, Samsung included.

darthv72161d ago

There is no dust to bite... this isnt like stadia. This is for playing games either from the mobile store or xcloud or geforce now through the smart tv. Like playing on your phone or tablet only a much much bigger screen.

Vits161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Too expensive for what it is.

shinoff2183161d ago

40 hours sounds pretty damn incredible

Phoenix76160d ago

Maybe 40hrs when in stand by mode

QuantumMechanic161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

2027: MS stops making Xbox consoles
2029: Samsung starts making Xbox consoles


NotoriousWhiz160d ago

You kid, but when Microsoft leaves, expect someone else to enter. Maybe Amazon. Maybe Netflix.

QuantumMechanic160d ago

Samsung is in bed with MS and shows latent interest in the gaming market. They are also a hardware manufacturer. It seems totally reasonable that Samsung is in a prime position to take over the Xbox hardware properties should MS bow out of the market.