5 classic games with awful sequels (and the modern devs who could fix them)

GameZone writes, "Sometimes, all it takes to revitalize a game series is to put some new eyes on it. Deus Ex may be one of the best cases for this. After Deus Ex: Invisible War failed to excite people the way the original game did, Ion Storm’s series languished for years. When Deus Ex finally returned under the reigns of Eidos Montreal, there were some doubts, but the final product ended up being one of the best games of 2011."

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Gamer Muzz2697d ago

I totally disagree with the Perfect Dark segment. The company to fix Perfect dark would be Crytek. They own free radical now. Free radical was a studio founded by the members of Rare that created goldeneye and Perfect dark for the N64.
After forming Free radical, they rebuilt the Goldeneye/perfect dark engine and created Timesplitters.
After 3 amazing games in that series, they failed massively with Haze and later on went under. Shortly after, they were bought by Crytek.
Even with their failure on Haze, If anyone could make a killer perfect dark sequel, That's the team to do it.

vishmarx2697d ago

the sh! t is this?
dmc is a good sequel?
and warrior within is a bad one?
delusional airhead....