Star Appearances for Command & Conquer 3

EA has employed some recognizable actors and real-life news personalities to take on roles in the live-action story sequences of the upcoming C&C3.
Williams is famous for his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars films The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and Helfer is known as the humanoid Cyclon "Number Six" in Battlestar Galactica. Other actors include Josh Holloway (Lost), Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Sam Fisher's voice in Splinter Cell series), Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica), Ivana Bozilovic (Van Wilder) and Shauntay Hinton (Miss USA pageant winner).
In addition, Las Vegas FOX affiliate anchorman John Huck and CNN freelancer Shanon Cook will bring breaking developments of the game's story.
Joe Kucan will be reprising his role as Kane, the leader of the antagonistic Brotherhood of NOD organization.
C&C3 is slated to release for PC sometime next year.

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Xbox – Moving Forward by Going Backward

Player 2 looks through Microsoft's back catalogue of games to determine which titles should be brought back to life.

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gangsta_red2272d ago

Some good picks here and there is definitely a wealth of potential MS could pull from and just ride the nostalgia wave.

Crimson Skies and Mech Assault are no brainers and should have been released already. They have been requested by every fan for the longest.

Brute Force I can really see coming back and paying homage to old school arcade shooters. Make it an arcade type game, third person shooter, with a Contra gameplay style. Make it over the top and action packed.

Jade Empire...interesting....what if that is the game Playground is supposedly working on...

gangsta_red2271d ago

I'm not sure but I thought MS owned Jade Empire since Bioware made it before getting bought by EA.

Besides, it really doesn't matter, MS could still contract a third party game from EA/Bioware.

mikeslemonade2271d ago

Nope. Backwards compatibility is moving backwards. You wasting resources on BC rather than making new games.

KillBill2271d ago

Bioware owns Jade Empire... they even made it into an Android Game in 2016: http://toucharcade.com/2016...

EA bought VG Holding Corp which owned Bioware so technically EA owns Jade Empire IP.

Cyborgg2271d ago

Mechassault is the only *Great* game on the list imo. I had a blast playing that back in the day. Crimson tide was mediocre at best

PhoenixUp2272d ago

I’d rather see Fable 4 actually get confirmed before I act like it’s a real thing. And that Age of Empires remaster isn’t even coming to Xbox One.

Hewso2272d ago

Age of the Empires 4 is the game I was referring too and its mention is to emphasise the point that MS is actually looking at their back catalogue. AoE4 may not come to Xbox but it will be apart of the Xbox ecosystem on PC.

PhoenixUp2272d ago

Xbox ecosystem on PC? Lmao!

Unless it’s on Xbox One so it could be part of the Play Anywhere label, the “Xbox ecosystem on PC” shouldn’t be a phrase that is ever muttered.

Age of Empires isn’t even part of Microsoft’s back catalogue of franchises since it’s been a series they’ve been handling in recent years now. So it’s even more unnecessary to bring up unless you’re also going to say Halo, Gears of War, & Forza are part of their back catalogue as well.

If you brought up Microsoft releasing remasters of Voodoo Vince & Phantom Dust last year as a sign of them looking into their classic franchises, that’d make more sense than saying an ongoing franchise that isn’t coming to Xbox One and an unconfirmed rumor of game were signs of this awareness.

SpamnJam2272d ago

Of course it is an Xbox ecosystem. Every game Microsoft releases on PC these days is apart of that whopping big Xbox store at the bottom of every windows 10 screen. What else would you call it? Phil spencer even refers to it as that. As for Age of Empires, considering there hasn't been a new AoE game since AoE online about 7 or 8 years ago It is a pretty fair statement to make. To me it just seems like you are being agressive without reason and you have take one line in an article and ran with it to make a ranty point.

Footyspacecadet2272d ago

Out of roughly 1000 words about games from Microsoft's past you go on a rant about this????? I think you are missing the point of the article dude.

Hewso2272d ago

Xbox ecosystem


From MS themselves. Also if you call re-releasing old games with only resolution improvements you have a lower standard of handling than I do. Also For Fable I never said it was confirmed, I said all but confirmed, considering there has been a fair bit of evidence pointing towards that, it is a fair comment to make. But mainly I really want to ask, what is your thinking behind this, somewhat off point rant? I mean the article barely mentions the two games you have ranted about, it is about actual MS games that I would like to see come back and yet you feel the need to go off on a tanget? I am not being nasty in asking this question I legitimately want to know. What is it you hope to achieve?

Obscure_Observer2272d ago


"I’d rather see Fable 4 actually get confirmed before I act like it’s a real thing."

Fable 4? Could take a while. Playground´s Fable will more likely be a reboot. ;)

Professor_K2271d ago

Ooh i have a good feeling it might come to the Xbox one considering the Mouse and keyboard support. So thays of no concern, it would be megaton if turned out 😁

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tontontam02271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Moving forward by admitting that sony is right "exclusives matter".

Professor_K2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Sonny is wrong, multiplayer matters.And they are goddam awfull at it lol. PSN hacks
Account hacks, software update bricking.

PhantomS422271d ago

Fine by me. I'd love if they bring back old series. Give me Fable 4, Crimson Skies 2, Mech Assault 3, Voodoo Vince 2, etc. Would even like to see Halo go to a developer who will make a game that is like 1,2,3 instead of whatever 343i is trying to do to the series because it's not good.

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Why Star Citizen is taking so long

Chris Roberts, the head of Cloud Imperium, talks to Kotaku's Nathan Grayson about why the game is taking so much longer to complete than anticipated. Former employees of the company claim it's because of Roberts' overly lofty ambitions, but Roberts maintains it just comes down to the demands players keep making for more and more features.

Ashlen3160d ago

It's called milking it... why release the game when people keep throwing millions at it.

XBLSkull3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Same reason we haven't seen Detox. Game will never live up to the hype. Oh and you aren't wrong about the money thing either.

_-EDMIX-_3159d ago

lol, one day....we will get a Detox album.. you'll see.

The lolz.

_-EDMIX-_3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Not really. Star Citizen started near the ending of 2012 after it got crowd funded in terms of stronger development push.

Thats barely 3 years, consider Destiny was worked on for 6 years on a ground up engine. They are using CryEngine 3 and making it useful for their needs, they even half part of the team that built the cryengine working with them.

Now consider they got all of what they've gotten done in as little as 3 years and their scope is larger then any game conceived on PC as of yet.

Taking so long? You mean how is is shaping up as fast as it is? I mean...do we not all remember when it was first shown at GDC in 2012 and we are as of this year seeing lots of those concepts coming to life? That is quite fast if you again factor just what Star Citizen is and just how short of a time we've actually known of it.

if 3 years is "taking so long" what is a faster development of a open world MMO in space? I mean...does any one really have an example of some game that took 1.5 years to make? lol, really, really understand exactly what is being done and how much it actually cost and takes to create such a game.

I'm fine with a 2016 release from this team, its something unlike any other game to date. Mind you, many 2016 titles have been in development for longer then Star Citizen.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been in development longer then Star Citizen.

When Destiny was released, it was in development longer then Star Citizen is now by 2x.


It wasn't even suppose to be a space type game, it was suppose to be fantasy originally.

So when folks keep whining over Star Citizen's development...understand that Bungie and Guerrilla games got publisher backing, they can work in secret as they have funding.

Consider if Horizon was kickstarted in 2011 and came out in 2016

Consider if Destiny was kickstarted in 2008 and came out in 2014..

I mean...what is really "taking so long" when you factor exactly what it actually is? They must crowd fund, gamers merely heard of Star Citizen first....doesn't mean it was in development longer, you merely know of it longer.

As we speak...many big developers have been making games in silence for likely years and years and we clearly don't know about it. Its merely about perspective. For what Star Citizen is and what I saw at Gamescom...they can take their time, its amazing and greatly appreciated.

Genre and generation defining concepts are worth the wait.

Lamboomington3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

It's called developing a game.

Only people who are ignorant about Star Citizen expect a AAA MMO along with a Single Player campaign to be out only after what ? Barely 3 years of development.
Not even 3 years of development. 3 years of building a huge company and a crowdfunding platform and slowly acquiring funding, external studios to help.

I don't know why it's so hard to understand. Ofcourse it's going to take years and years to make. Why do you expect anything else ? There isn't even a debate here, it's just common sense and logic.

EDMIX said it perfectly. The only people who give Star Citizen crap for 'taking too long' are people who have no idea about how long it takes to develop a game.