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The Turtle Beach PX5 headphones are a part of the critically acclaimed Ear Force line of gaming headsets and are intended as the front-runners of PlayStation 3 sound technology, with programmable sound pre-sets, high quality audio into the microphone and out of the earphones and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound.

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hennessey861983d ago

For over a year now, can't fault them. The sound quality is incredible and it enhances most gaming experiences.

Tornadobounce1983d ago

Yeah good headphones. BUY A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK!!!! BUY TWO!!!! AAAARGGGHHH!!! Battery low. Powering off.

vikingland11983d ago

I get interference with mine. Too many things run on 2.4 ghz.

T21983d ago

I gotta be honest turtle beach has great sound but too much interference didnt work with my linksys router had to turn it on after online and other problems plus some parts are breakable... Cant beat real surround on my harmon kardon system but im also happy with my playstation brand headphones ... Good sound , strong , great workmanship ... For the money I recommend playstation brand

sandman2241983d ago

I got the xp400. The best headset I ever used.

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