Gamestop: Wii shortages aren't going away

Seeing as how the console released in November of 2006, you can probably understand why we're frustrated in having to report on the inability to freely and easily locate our desire out in the world beyond tubes. Gamers want everyone to be able to enjoy the console, so why can't Nintendo churn out enough? Why has it taken them this long to satisfy demand and why has demand been at record highs throughout the console's short lifespan?

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littletad3868d ago

if they would make a manufacturing site here in the U.S to ramp up production? Which was a pretty silly question considering it would cost a lot more to make it. The point is that the Wii is so damn cheap and consisted of parts from different regions across the globe. You'd be surprised to know that little Wiimote we all bought for $40 bucks actually cost less than $20 dollars in parts. It's just messed up, and a shame that parents can't buy a simplistic game machine from Nintendo even after almost 18 months because of non-availability.

theredfoxisquick3868d ago

Nintendo is loosing sales too. Think if they actually had full supply to meet all the demand.

Think about it. their console is for casual gamers. people who may not even premeditate buying one. so they walk in and do not see a wii there that they may have purchased if it was there... nintendo missed a sale.

ItsDubC3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

While I pretty much try to avoid saying anything positive about Gamestop, I'll admit that this prediction is MUCH better than the one they had last year saying that Nintendo was holding back supply just to ensure that they come up big on next year's financial report, and that there should be plenty of Wii's to go around in April for the new fiscal year:

clevernickname3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I don't recall the specific interview, but I recall that Nintendo admitted that a major reason for the shortfall in supply is that they do not want to invest any more money into manufacturing than they already have. Nintendo is more afraid of oversupply than undersupply, a painful lesson they feel they learned from their experience with the Gamecube. A lesson that is readily attested to given the fact that retailers continue to have stockpiles of unsold Gamecubes in their inventories.

StarieMichie3868d ago

Except no one wanted a Gamecube. The Wii is in such high demand, even more now that Smash Bros. Brawl is out. The two systems are only alike in that they are Nintendo made. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't recall the Gamecube being in high demand. The system lacked so much appeal to anyone other than die-hard Nintendo fans and parents wanting a system their kids could drop-kick a dozen times before it broke.

I don't think it's possible for them to oversupply the Wii at this point. They could make double what they are making now, and they would still sell them. Gamestops get about three per a store per a week. If they got six a week, they would still sell out as soon as they came in. Even stores like Best Buy that get 30 per a store at a time sell out right away. Give them 60, and they would still sell out.

There are people that want this system so badly that they would kill a puppy with their bare hands if they were promised the chance to buy a Wii. Don't think that's an exaggeration either. Mothers with demanding children can be more heartless than you can imagine.

XSamuraiX3868d ago