How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong

One Infinite Loop, Apple's street address, is a programming in-joke - it refers to a routine that never ends. But it is also an apt description of the travails of parking at the Cupertino, California, campus. Like most things in Silicon Valley, Apple's lots are egalitarian; there are no reserved spots for managers or higher-ups. Even if you're a Porsche-driving senior executive, if you arrive after 10 am, you should be prepared to circle the lot endlessly, hunting for a space.

But there is one Mercedes that doesn't need to search for very long, and it belongs to Steve Jobs. If there's no easy-to-find spot and he's in a hurry, Jobs has been known to pull up to Apple's front entrance and park in a handicapped space. (Sometimes he takes up two spaces.) It's become a piece of Apple lore - and a running gag at the company. Employees have stuck notes under his windshield wiper: "Park Different." They have also converted the minimalist wheelchair symbol on the pavement into a Mercedes logo.

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vitz33868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Apple must have a million monkeys on typewriters. Eventually they have to get something right. So far the fascist attitude of theirs is a big No-No IMO.

mintaro3868d ago

its well known that a million monkeys on a million typewriters will create something great, and by god they have

Bleucrunch3868d ago

It unwise to change elements of success but being mean will come back to bite you in the A$$!

iheartSONY3867d ago

One Million Monkeys and One Gorilla. Wish I had the POWER/ARROGANCE to park any where I wanted too.