Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for "winter" release


"Codemaster has just confirmed that Operation Flashpoint 2 is currently down for a winter release and a formal date announcement can be expected shortly.

The game's "launch timing to be revealed as a countdown over next couple of months," a spokesperson told videogaming247."

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socomnick3868d ago

I just hope they continue to make it realistic. I absolutely hate the arcady aspects of cod 4 and Rb6 vegas.

THC CELL3867d ago

this game will own every shooter made
so real u can almost train off it and be a real solider

also British made

socomnick3867d ago

People train off the first one forgot what its called Think its called vbs 1 the US marines and the Australian military use it.

Alcohog3867d ago

One of my favorite games of all time (Operation: Flashpoint). I'm with you socomnick, I hope they don't dumb it down for consoles. Considering all the keys used in the first one, I don't even see how Operation Flashpoint on a console is even possible. Thats disconcerting to say the least.