Stuck in the Past — Developer’s Thoughts on Backwards Compatibility

What are some game developer's thoughts over backwards compatibility? What have they done to move with the jump?

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ltachiUchiha2039d ago

Im not sure or BC would hurt devs as much as it would for consumers who buy the product hoping for BC.

rainslacker2039d ago

I like that the devs listed in this article actually seem to want people to play their games for as long as they can. I also like that they were honest with the fact it's not always economically feasible to just port it to new hardware in the future.

While I appreciate what these guys said, I would like to know what the bigger publishers think. I would like to know if they just want people playing newer games, or actually appreciate the time, effort, and artistry that goes into producing them. I would hope that they could be proud enough of the product they sell to want people to continue playing them for years down the road.

Either way I doubt the existence of BC really affects publishers that much.