BioShock Infinite PC stuttering bug still not fixed, six weeks after release

It’s been just over six weeks since BioShock Infinite was released on the PC, but if you’re one of the people who’s run into the strange stuttering/framerate lag bug you’ve probably held off on playing it. A seventeen page thread on 2K’s support forums details the various woes of the bug, along with confirmation that it occurs on a wide range of PC hardware.

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jimbobwahey3133d ago

Weird. People always say that PC gaming is so much better than consoles but it seems like every single game always runs worse on PC thanks to issues like this.

CGI-Quality3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Which is false. You'd have to, actually, game on PC to understand that it's FAR from EVERY game with issues.

Ashunderfire863133d ago

Works just fine with my 690GTX smooth like butter.

deadfrag3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

No it does not!This issue is spread on all PC configurations so stop;because you are not telling the truth.If you like to play a game with this kind of issues or if you dont bother with them thats your problem,but the problem is there to any person that plays the PC version!!

Read before telling that it does not happen in your PC!

MikeMyers3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Runs worse on PC?

First off the Xbox 360 renders at 1152x720 with PS3 coming in at 1152x640. True 720p (that's 720p not 1080p) is 1280×720. So right off the bat console gamers aren't even getting 720p resolution.

Second of all the game can run at 60fps on the PC while the console versions are half that. Yet you want to chime in that the PC always runs worse? What tweaks can be made on the PS3 or Xbox 360 to improve the resolution or increase the frame rate or choose aliasing and help reduce screen tearing?

It really is a shame this site is so heavily focused from a console gamers perspective. There's so much mis-information out there it's sickening. Then when you correct them you are labeled an elitist or who cares about the PC or a console hater. It's just so petty because you have gamers that are so loyal and so tied to the console they bought.

I don't have stuttering issues on my PC. That's because I can tweak the game to perform how I like. Console gamers are stuck with screen tearing and frame rate drops and low resolution. That's not an attack on consoles, that's reality. Now can we please continue arguing about how console A is better than console B?

It's such a shame the PC always seems to run worse. Lol

Now watch the phantom disagrees come because console gamers can't handle the truth.

kwyjibo3133d ago

For a small subset of PCs, there is a stuttering issue.

For every single console, you're on a damn console.

bumnut3133d ago

No need to be a tool, plenty of console games have issues too.

Just be grateful games get patched, I remember the days when a game that released broken stayed that way!

aliengmr3133d ago

You mean, games like Skyrim? Ohh, right...sorry PS3.

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Cobberwebb3133d ago

That's a strange one. Never knew there were problems. My Quad core Q6600, ATI HD5700 had no problems with it at 1080, which is an old system now.

deadfrag3133d ago

And plays at 30fps were the issue is not so noticible but is still there!This game technical is a piece of crap,with a bunch of people not able to play it on PC due to the lack of support from 2K and IG!

Toman853133d ago

Was a fix that helped alot with stuttering. It did took away 75% of it and that was a big help for me.
Not on every PC that fix I found will work, but its worth a shot!

iamgoatman3133d ago

Haven't played more than an hour or so into the game because of this. Glad Irrational's pathetic support is now getting some attention. Last time I ever buy a game made by them.

Xristo3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I have the problem with my setup (580GTX/i7-920 installed on a Crucial M4 SSD). This is the first time in a LONG time that I have been a part of the PC gaming issue minority with no fix in sight. The issue doesn't make the game unplayable but just "unenjoyable." I could play the game if I want but I choose, like many, to wait for a patch.

For the top comment, ever heard of a game called TES: Skyrim for the PS3? One game with issues doesn't define a system. The PS3 is still an awesome system although Skyrim was a debacle for many gamers. Your comment screams of ignorance.

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